Role Reversal: Would You Be A Stay-At-Home Dad?

Stay-At-Home Dad

There are many fathers in our generation who proactively undertake the responsibilities when it comes to parenting. They clean their infant’s poop, feed the kids, play with them, take them out, and even cook when the need be. However, a question which is crawling slowing towards us is –  would they be a Stay-At-Home Dad if given the choice?

I’m sure nine out of 10 will say a no to the above question. And why, may I ask? Wouldn’t you be happy to stay at home, do nothing apart from taking care of the kids, and chill? Isn’t this what the Stay-At-Home Moms do, or you think they do, right?

Let’s put it this way-

Are you ready to give up your career and make the transition from the rat race to the domestic chaos, I mean domestic peace to the playful giggles of your child(ren)?

Imagine, you would be home all day, away from the work pressure, the deadlines, the eyes of your boss digging in you, and the cubicles. You would be home, with your kids, relaxing on the couch, reading, playing on your mobile, surfing the internet, or maybe binge watching.

Wow! This is so tempting, isn’t it?

But what if whatever I said above is completely far from reality? Would you still take the plunge?

Let’s answer a few questions/consider some situations here before you agree to take the full-time responsibility as a Stay-At-Home Dad:

  • Ready to give up your job, your financial independence, your freedom to do nothing when you are home after work?
  • You have a client meeting on skype or a deadline to meet, and at that moment your toddler wants to pee, has spoiled his/her diaper, gets hungry. How do you manage?
  • Your child is crying his heart out over a toy in the market. You do not want to entertain this tantrum. But, the passers-by are giving you looks, questioning your upbringing. Your hands are full with grocery shopping. What do you do?
  • You wake up to a call in the morning and get to know the maid has decided to claim her sick leave. You are left with a heap of dishes, house cleaning, and your child to tend to. What do you do?
  • You had just finished tidying up the living room when your bundle-of-joy comes looking for her favorite toy and scatters everything again. Would you be angry? But, you shouldn’t, she’s just a kid.
  • Weekend calls for drinks and you want to hang out with friends. But, you can’t. Because your wife is traveling or she has a submission and so is working on the weekend too and can’t take care of the kid(s) while you’re away. (yeah, you’ve been wanting this outing so much. Next time.)

Having second thoughts, already? This is not even the tip of the iceberg.

A huge number of fathers are gladly undertaking the responsibility of being a Stay-At-Home Dad in the West, where a survey revealed that four out of 10 dads would be a SAHD if their situation allows.

But, in our country, a land where man since time immemorial, is seen as the bread-earner, the head-of-the-family, the dominant personality in the house, would it be easy for a man/father to give up his job, accept the role of his wife/mother, and stay at home?

Let’s say, even if he does consider playing the role, would he be ready to look in the eyes of his family, his friends, and the society, and embrace the fact – Yes, I am a proud Stay-At-Home Dad!

Staying at home isn’t about waking up when you please and spending the day at your leisure. A lot goes into the life of a Stay-At-Home Mom which many times, no one even knows about. We are in the age where we talk about gender equality, then why not start from your home.

So, would you wear the shoes of your wife, not work, and become a ‘Stay-At-Home Dad’?


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Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

12 Comments on “Role Reversal: Would You Be A Stay-At-Home Dad?

  1. It would be a big deal for a dad to do that 🙂 Can relate to your post so much because I woke up with my maid calling to tell me that she wont be here to help me today.

    1. aww.. That’s a bad news Anchal. Domestic helps are a great help for all the moms, and the world thinks cuz we have them, being a SAHM is a bed of roses. I so wish there comes a day when the men do everything we do (A-Z) for at least a day. hehe. Thanks for reading. Cheers! 🙂

  2. Lovely write up true ..A lot goes into the life of a Stay-At-Home Mom which many times, no one even knows about… actually there are a lot many times when the work done by SAHM is just ignored or not counted..

    1. I second that, Anubhuti. The reason behind the post is to raise the question that would the men give away their career, their well-paid job for something like this? Especially when we talk about gender equality and feminism, today? I hate when people take SAHMs for granted, don’t appreciate, and as if it’s an effortless task. Thanks for reading. Glad you agree with me. Cheers! 🙂

  3. I am a mother and I chose this path. I enjoy time with my son, but I also try to work part time on the side. Its difficult but doable. It takes some sacrifices but mainly its a mental block i think

    1. I am sailing in the same boat, Nayantata. Quit my job after conceiving and since then working as a freelancer and now a blogger and loving it too. No regrets. But, in the post I just want to ask the men, would they undertake the responsibility, give away their career just like that, like we did it? Thanks for reading. Cheers! 🙂

  4. i can not agree less. in fact i wrote a similar post – why being a mother is not a job. well being a mom is above everything and i am sure no one would like to quit their job and happily take mom duty for rest of their life.

    1. Absolutely true, Danisha. It is not as easy as it seems to quit your well-paid job and stay at home. And the bitter truth is, Moms are not even appreciated for what they do, today too when we are constantly talking about equality and feminism. Do share the link to the post you are talking about. Would love to read it. Cheers! 🙂

    1. Agree Keerthi. Even if we start supporting those who are already on this path, the world can be a much better place. Thanks much for stopping by 🙂

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