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Blogosphere had come a long way from when I first started blogging in 2010. Then people hardly knew about it, today nearly every other person is a blogger. I felt lost after joining the blogosphere again in 2017, there was so much to catch up, so much unknown. I came to know about blogging campaigns like BlogTrains, #MyFriendAlexa, #WriteBravely , WriteTribe, picture prompts, flash fiction story prompts and so much more to enhance your writing skills and boost your blog. 

First things first, I bought a domain, created a Facebook page for my blog and logged in to my dormant Twitter account. One of the few accounts I started following was Blogchatter.

So, when Blogchatter tweeted about a campaign called #MyFriendAlexa I signed up for it, though I was clueless about what it entails. I had studied Digital Marketing and so knew that Alexa had to do with website ranking.

Soon my gmail was flooded with emails on the campaign.

Till date, I feel that signing up for #MyFriendAlexa was a blessing for my blog. The rules were very simple. I just had to write, read and share.

Why every blogger should participate in #MyFriendAlexa

I seriously feel every blogger, beginner or veteran, should participate in this campaign. #MyFriendAlexa takes your blog to heights.

  • I had to upload a minimum of 8 posts on my blog, i.e. two posts per week. This gave my writing a boost and threw me in a writing routine. As it was my first blogging campaign I was very sincere. 
  • Blogchatter shared with us a weekly reading list where we had to read blogs and comment and share a post from each every day.

The reading list was a great opportunity to let everyone in the blogosphere know about you, that you have joined the gang. In fact, #MyFriendAlexa proved a great way to read amazing blogs without having to make an effort to search for them. Imagine, you are getting a reading list right in your mailbox and you just have to click and read. Saving you the hassle of searching in google and then shortlisting the ones you like. Isn’t it great?

  • I also learned the most important lesson of blogosphere, not to expect reciprocation from every blog you visit. You may want to read and share a blog post by XYZ blogger but it’s not necessary XYZ also wants to do the same. There is no entitlement. This, in fact, is a great understanding amongst the bloggers, which I just love.

The best and funniest part of #MyFriendAlexa is that the biggest loser is the winner. Baffled? Let me explain.

My blog had no rank when I entered #MyFriendAlexa, of course mine was a fairly new blog no one knew about and so no one would visit. But by the end of the campaign, I had both a global and India rank. And, the biggest surprise was yet to come.

When Blogchatter revealed the biggest losers, I was one of them, the third winner of #MyFriendAlexa 2017. My happiness knew no bounds, my first blogging campaign and I won?! Unbelievable.

How was I a winner by losing?

Let me explain further.

A weekly reading list is rolled out to every participant where each of us visits the blogs mentioned in the list, pick a post to read, comment on it, and share on Social Media Channels where sharing on Twitter is mandatory. Last year there were around 70+ bloggers so even if 50 or 40 bloggers visit your blog, your blog would get a rank. 

Ranking entirely depends on the footfall on the website, the higher number of visitors landing on your website the lower will be your rank. And #MyFriendAlexa gives you just the needed opportunity. 

What else I got from #MyFriendAlexa apart from being a loser 

  • Every blogger appreciates a fellow blogger and provides genuine feedback which is accepted warmly by the latter. 
  • Entering #MyFriendAlexa gave me an awesome community in the form of Blogchatter. I have made some great bonds in this virtual world which go way beyond the friendships in the real world. 

This year, as per Blogchatter, the registrations have already crossed 200. Just imagine the amount of footfall your blog would get. Go ahead, register here if you haven’t yet ( You can’t miss it, buddy).

Hey, so I’ll be meeting you in the campaign, right? The Blogchatter community will always be there to boost you up, trust me, once a part of this community always a part.

Meet you soon! 

Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

40 Comments on “Why Should You Sign Up For #MyFriendAlexa

  1. First, Congrats for being the best loser. I mean, winner ?
    It’s very interesting and encouraging too to see such feedback on #MyFriendAlexa bcs this year is first for me. Hope I lose some numbers as well…

    1. Thanks much, Maheshwaran. It was unexpected. #MyFriendAlexa can a bit tasking, bit its super fun. All the best. You will lose number, for sure. 🙂

  2. Very informative blog Rashi!! Though I missed the date. I am too new to this blogging world, I have a basic question, from where you have bought the domain? Is it WordPress.org or some other?

    1. Thanks much, Praj. No problem, you have next year. I bought the domain from GoDaddy.com. While buying I got WordPress.com

  3. Very nice encouraging words. I agree with every points you mentioned. Yes blogging is as much about reading others as about writing. I am sure by visiting blogs and others visiting my blog Alexa rank will improve.

  4. Yay!! great story! Looking forward to a tumultous month ahead. Already overwhelmed by 12 hour job and homemaking, and now this! But I love writing so much that it doesn’t feel work at all. Social media and other techie stuff is more painful and Blogchatter in many ways cuts those efforts . Atleast that’s what my expectations are. Thanks for the post

    1. Oh yes, Milan. #MyFriendAlexa is a great way to let people know of your blog and to build a rapport. 🙂 all the best, Milan. 🙂

  5. My Friend Alexa is a true friend, I tell you. If not anything else it puts you in order with your regular posting, so you are writing responsibly and ready responsibly. All the best Rashi for this year.

  6. ‘I also learned the most important lesson of blogosphere, not to expect reciprocation from every blog you visit.’ this was my takeaway from Alexa as well.
    As a blogger I echo your other thoughts as well, and feel that MFA is the best campaign for bloggers. Good post, Rashi, helpful to bloggers, Alexa or not.

  7. Good post. I feel this campaign has helped in more ways than one. Meeting like minded bloggers, getting into the discipline of writing and reading, getting out of the comfort zone, exploring other themes and niche are just a few of them.

  8. I had tried to be a part of it years ago and gave up in 1st week. I am happy this time I am still here in Week 3. I also love the opportunity to read so many blogs which I wasn’t proactively, and explore the talent! Lot of good stuff, and blog ideas out there.

  9. Rashi, I enjoyed going through your post on #MyFriendAlexa and now that 20 days have gone by, I feel more at home, catching up on the reading and writing my posts. I am waiting for my blog to come on the lists as well, but till then I am enjoying browsing through any interesting blogs and their posts. As you said, this is truly a worthwhile exercise. Thanks!
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa

  10. You have described My Friend Alexa really well. I remember our conversation in the WhatsApp group over engagement. And you have shared realities and facts about that as well. Last you were one of the biggest losers. I wish you to be one this year’s as well.

  11. MFA is not just a competition but its a good way to try out something new, new genre, new topics. But more than the it puts your blogging cells in a disciplined action.


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