Why Do I Have To Choose Between Baby and Career #MothersWhoWork

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I became a mom 2.5 years back but gave up my career the very next day my pregnancy got confirmed. I so wanted to work despite my pregnancy, to discover the strength in me, and then to be a working mother. Sigh!

I wasn’t prepared for this new phase and hence whatever was happening was difficult to accept. In fact, everything happened so quickly that I felt like the leaf which was just flowing with the river because it has no control over the current.  

Soon, my beautiful daughter was born and I fell in love with motherhood. There is no denying that motherhood is definitely the best thing to happen to a woman. But, for someone who’s been working for the past 10 years giving up working suddenly takes a toll. It’s disturbing. And I was no different. And I was scared maybe i would now have to bury my professional side. Nevertheless, I pushed my fears aside and decided to focus on my little angel.

Little did I know what was coming.

The lack of financial independence and being at home all day started pulling me into depression. Not that my family wasn’t there to support. But, I was missing being me. I was missing interacting professionally, I was missing the authority of a working woman. 

Depression is nothing to be ashamed of and can happen to anyone. Thankfully I was just on the threshold.

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I don’t know how, but one day I decided that I cannot let the depression monster take hold of me. I am a strong woman who takes charge of her life and makes it what she wants it to be. So, I started reading about parenting, keeping the reader in me alive. It was a task to convince the mind of certain things. Though in my heart I had finally accepted that I am a mother and a happy one, my mind still wanted the perfect balance of a mother and a career woman.

Time passed and with the responsibilities of a mother and the love given by my daughter, my mind gave up on the perfect balance and my heart got immersed in the new life.

By the time my daughter was a year old I was completely involved in my life. From being a doting mother, a great wife, to a good homemaker.

But honestly, no matter how happy I was, that tiny corner of my mind was never at rest. I was doing everything a mother, a wife, and a homemaker should do. But, what was I doing for myself? I often used to think.

The realization that I had completely forgotten about the ME amidst my present life, hit me hard.

And once again. I fought. With myself. For ME.

I could not let myself get lost in all the responsibilities around me, I thought. The tags of a wife, a mother, a homemaker are just a part of me. They can never make me feel complete.

I was not running from my responsibility as a mother neither was I blaming my child. In fact, I want to put in all the efforts to lay a strong foundation for my daughter in her early years. But, the fact, that I cannot bury my responsibility towards myself cannot be overlooked.

Moreover, I do not want to crib and blame my child 10 years down the line that it’s because of her I could not make the most of my life.

I want her to look up to me, understand my viewpoint, and feel proud of my decisions.

That was the day I started blogging again, full-fledged. Today, I am juggling between taking care of my toddler, being a stay-at-home working mother, and not to forget, managing the house. It is a difficult task if you ask me, trying to do everything to the T.

And yet, I am judged. For everything. At every step.

Why do we have to choose between our baby and our career?

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I want my both babies!

The story of every mother who steps out of her responsibilities to fulfill that one responsibility, which is towards herself.


Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

6 Comments on “Why Do I Have To Choose Between Baby and Career #MothersWhoWork

  1. Indeed a thought provoking blog. I am sure that you will be successful in life and so will be your entire family.
    If a lady has the WILL to nurture both babies, it’s possible. It will be unfair to site examples of IAS officers who go to office with a baby lump OR return back to work in couple of weeks after delivery. But they do love both their babies. I cannot stop admiring them a bit more.

    1. M glad you think like this, Yuvi and hope every man nurtures the same thoughts towards women, esp mothers. Thanks much for reading 🙂

  2. Hey Rashi

    I can understand what you felt then and what you are feeling now. We Mother are always guilty conscious. No one will judge us more rather than our own mind. To continue a job being a MOther is a tough decision. I had been there but now I am glad I did. It’s great that you took Blogging as a full-time work. It will not only help you but your family. Because until and unless we are happy and satisfied, we cannot make others happy in the long run. Your daughter will be proud of you.

    1. Thanks much for your words, Upasna. Meeting you guys at the beginning of my blogging journey is sure to guide me a lot. I agree. it’s our own mindset that makes us judge ourselves before anyone else does, making us doubt our capabilities. I am glad I decided to #TakeCharge and I hope more mothers like me also do. It high-time we stop putting ourselves down. Your comment really filled me with confidence, happiness, and belief. 🙂 thanks again, Upasna.

  3. Hi Rashi,

    Your post pulls the chords of every working mom’s heart. Every word of yours took me back to my days of pregnancy, the career break, the job hunting after the huge gap, taking tough stands on rearing my daughter with the help of my parents. PHEW! And then this phase of blogging!

    Yes, working is not just about the money. It’s about freedom, authority (I don’t understand some people still take offense to the word) & completeness. At the same time, a situation that sees you torn between guilt & ambition is not any less wrecking. Depression is often a feeble outcome of something like that.

    Hence, when you finally make a choice, how for it. Because, a mother’s decision can never be wrong, because she’s got a heart which will never let her ‘babies’ move out of it.

    A mother will find a way out. No matter what. That’s our power, Rashi.

    1. You said it all, Ashvini. In fact, your comment gave me strength. The lines – ‘a mother’s decision can never be wrong because she’s got a heart which will never let her ‘babies’ move out of it. A mother will find a way out. No matter what.’ must be read by all mothers who are feeling guilty of work along with motherhood. You really are a powerful mother, Ashvini 🙂 Thanku so much for dropping by. 🙂

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