Who Is SHE?

Who Is She

Sitting on the shore
from my busy life, I today take out some time to ponder.
Who is SHE?

Does She have a connection with the sea?

How calm and beautiful this vast sea is,
holding deep down in it,
so many unveiled secrets and treasures,
which I reckon none of us can ever measure.

No matter what and who comes,
it happily welcomes all.


If it is the home of the Pirates hard,
then it is also home for all those souls
who rest in her heart.

If it has been the witness to many dreadful wars,
then it has also been the spectator
for the lovers who sit with it for the endless hours.

And I am sure about who is SHE!

SHE is like this SEA.
Calm and silent on the outside,
but inside, deep enough that anyone can drown.
No wonder what happens
you will never see her frown.

Who is SHE? Yet you ask.

She is the one who happily takes in all that comes her way,
without complaining and cribbing.
For she knows,
whatever happens, happens for good,
and that her ultimate happiness lies only in giving.

She will be strong enough to just smile
and bear the pain
given to her by her love,
and still remaining peaceful like a dove.

She can be hard as a diamond,
and be soft as a jelly.
Can be your worst enemy,
but at the same time can be your best ally.

She will cry her heart out for you,
but the very next moment can be as fresh as the morning dew.

You still wonder. Who Is SHE?

She is your protector like a mother,
is tough and strong-willed like a father.
Is as notorious as a sister,
who makes you feel proud as a daughter.
She will chat with you for hours like a friend,
and will love you like the ideal lover with no end.

She is the best actor in the world,
and has the heart of purest gold.
Holding numerous emotions in her,
she can win the hardest battle and the toughest war.

She is empowered by the immense strength and courage,
but still can often act like a mirage.

But you aren’t convinced.

So, let me tell you WHO IS SHE!

She is the one who will enchant you merely by her looks,
will mesmerize you by her winsome smile.
Just by her tender touch you tend to forget all worries,
and the very moment you know that soon again everything will be hunky-dory.

Those same enchanting looks,
mesmerizing smile,
and the tender touch,
gives you the power and brings back the lost shine in your eyes.

Surely all this bounds us to believe that in HER the universe lies.

So now you know WHO IS SHE?

It is A Woman.
carrying extreme strength,
abundant emotions and
a sea of love in her.

She truly is,
GOD’s best creation made ever.

This poem is very close to me for two reasons, a) It’s about a woman and b) I wrote it in 2009, way back when I’m sure I didn’t know a woman’s abilities to the core. I dedicate this to every woman across the globe who bears everything good and bad happily and yet stays on the same path.

I salute every woman in the army, who despite losing their husband for our safety, wears a smile and stands with pride. And who still dreams of her children serving the nation.

Each of us are capable of anything and everything in the world. If we can give birth, we can achieve anything.

I call out to every woman in the world, find your calling, discover your core strength. You are not born to take care and live for others. Their dreams are not yours. Find your dream!

Rise up. Spread Your Wings. Soar high.

It’s time the world knows – WHO IS SHE!

It’s time to shout out – I AM SHE!


Featured Image and Pin Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

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  1. This is such a very well-written poem. I understand why you really love this poem because of its talk about every woman across the globe who bears everything good and bad happily and yet stays on the same path.

  2. Even as a other of two toddlers, I doubt if I know a woman’s potential completed. Life has its own learning curve and every phase will bring forth a new strength of a woman.

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