To The Airport – For My First Flight

First Flight

My First Flight: 21st March 2009. Jet Airways. New Delhi to Mumbai. Departure: 9:45 am.

“Rashi! Jaldi kha, tu late ho jaegi” (Rashi! Eat fast. Or you’ll miss the flight), said my masi. My eyes set on the clock; I tried munching as fast as I could.

God, I hate getting up early. The alarm woke me up at 6:30 am today for an early morning flight – yeah, 9:45 am is early morning for me. But, that’s another case that I finally got up 7:00 am. So, by 7:30 am I was still trying to finish my breakfast.

Finally, when finished eating I checked my luggage and said bye to all with a last look at the clock. The clock stared at me as if shouting aloud, “Hurry up you fool, it’s 8:00 am already!”. I was doomed. This was my first flight so I still had to figure out my way at the Airport.

I totally forgot about the road time. This Delhi traffic, I knew will eat my another half an hour. But, I was lucky enough to get an auto soon from my house. So the three of us, the auto, the driver and Me, headed towards the Airport metro station, built specifically for going to the Airport.

Once in the premises, my eyes scanned the Delhi Railway Station for the Airport metro station. No sign of it. Gulped!

The thoughts about losing time, the airport still to be explored, and missing my life’s first flight were playing against each other in my mind. The auto guy didn’t know the whereabouts of the metro station, so I got down in front of the entrance to the railway station, and stood there, frozen with my luggage. Still searching for the metro station.

“Excuse me, where is the Airport Metro station?” I asked a man standing nearby.
“It’s outside the Railway Station. This way. You’ve come ahead”. He replied, pointing towards the entry of the railway station.

Something told me this was just the beginning of my problems. So, with a deep breath, I started walking towards the direction of the metro station. I found the station after walking for some five-ten mins and took a luggage trolley. The moment I entered the station, I realized my decision to take the trolley was wise, as the metro station was huge. Our government invested a good amount in constructing it, unlike its pockets. Nice.

The station was spacious and surprisingly clean, I thought. Bought a token for the metro and headed towards the platform. I really liked the ambiance of the station, silent and clean, unlike the other places in India.

It was 8:30 am now and I was still standing at the metro station, where I further had to wait for 10 min for the metro. On the outside, I carried a cool and calm posture but my inside prayed loudly for not missing the flight.

The metro arrived and I took a seat. The metro is designed amazingly with a super interior. I was told the metro takes 15 mins to reach the airport, so I dared not look at my watch. Although the metro was fast but when you’re in a hurry even a jet plane seems slow.

I finally looked at the time when I reached the Airport and I gasped. It was already 9:00 am.

I just had 45 min before my plane takes off and I was still two floors below the check in area.


The Remaining Part TO BE CONTINUED… Stay Tuned… 🙂

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    1. M so glad you could relate to my experience. Cuz, it was my first, it’s with me forever. And I must say, I totally enjoyed the hullabaloo of the situation. 😀

      P.S.- Next Post coming next week 😉 Cheers!

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