5 Things About Motherhood I Wasn’t Told #MondayMommyMoments


The fact that giving birth is nothing less than a miracle, is proven and believed. But, I would say bringing up a child keeping your sanity intact is also a miracle. Of all the things I was told numerous times about motherhood, there were five things no one ever told me about:

I will find hidden strengths

Before becoming a mom, I was lazy bones, moody, loved sleeping (I could compete) and super casual, especially about household stuff (I was never the household-take-care-girl). However, after my daughter, I became a multitasker and most importantly, gave up on my sleep, without cribbing.

I was told to prepare myself for motherhood but no one ever told me- Motherhood is something every woman is born with, she finds her hidden strengths to take care of everything.

It is not rocket science

“The baby is crying, feed him. Maybe he is in pain. Check if she wants to poop.” are only the tip of the iceberg of the many situations I was made aware of. I often used to worry how would I judge my baby’s wants through his crying. For a first time mom her baby’s cry is enough to make her lose control and to judge the cause ignoring the wailing, is heart-wrenching.

Listening to such pieces of advice I always felt probably motherhood is a big task I need to be extremely careful and attentive with. But, I was wrong. So, wrong. Motherhood is no rocket science at all. My mother’s intuition was and is, my biggest support. Keep your calm and you can easily manage it like ABC.

Infants are equally smart

Babies are innocent. Infants are ignorant. Kids are cute and honest. Is what you hear amongst other advices. As kids grow they learn and become smart, but no one ever told me that even infants are smart whether they are days old or months. Newborns very well can sense the absence of their mother and cry without any reason simply for her attention. Haven’t we all been there?

When you pick your crying baby, and they stop crying immediately? You make them lay down after some seconds and again the crying starts? Yeah, these bundles of joy are super smart. No one told me this. And we all love this, don’t we?

I will be judged on every step

After getting a long list of advice on motherhood, I was expected to undertake each and every point in the list. But, no one told me that despite following the list, I will be judged, will be pointed at, and will be put down. On one side I will be expected to take charge and use my common sense and manage situations, but on the other side I will be poked, pressurized under an experienced judgment of elders.

Before embracing motherhood, I wasn’t told that while taking care of my baby I will also have be dangling between elders’ poking and mother’s intuition.

I won’t be doing anything as per my wish

This was the most unexpected things I realized with motherhood. I never knew infants had intuition too. I could never have a hot meal, for my baby had to poop just when I sat for meals. I could not sleep, sit, and for-a-change relax after being a mother. My infant has grown up in a toddler always knows when her mom is going to have some time for herself.

Even though there were many things I wasn’t told about, Motherhood has changed me a lot and I couldn’t be happier.

Do you agree with me? Share your experiences fellow-moms would love to know.

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A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

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    1. Agree, Zainab. And that’s what I and every mother should break free from. In fact, every woman should break free from being judged. I hate this mentality- judging a woman for everything she does.

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