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Theme Reveal: AtoZ Blogging Challenge 2018

I bumped into Blogchatter just when I started blogging in September last year and participated in their campaign #MyFriendAlexa without having a clue of what it was all about. Since then I have stalked this blogging community. Blogchatter is everything a blogger can ask for- support, tips, advice, encouragement, and lots and lots of FUN. So, when they announced AtoZ Blogging Challenge I had to be a part of it.

In the AtoZChallenge we are required to write a post each day, except for Sundays, for the month of April corresponding to the 26 alphabets in the English language, i.e. A for 1st April, B for 2nd April, and so on and so forth.

I had heard a lot about the A2Z Blogging Challenge regarding the benefits we would reap and the real ‘challenge’ we face. And this is what, in fact, intrigued me. I wanted to push myself to the T, wanted to challenge my limits, not to mention didn’t want to miss the fun, it’s ‘The Blogchatter’ after all.

This is my first time, as you would have guessed it by now, and I’m super duper excited.

After having a kid my life has changed a lot (nothing new, of course). And, I have realized that no matter how much we harp on being in the modern society, we just cannot uproot some of the hypocrite judgments prevailing in our society.

This is what gave birth to ‘ASMI’.


My theme for A2Z Challenge 2018











Asmi is every bit of me and you in terms of her make, i.e. being a woman.

A devoted, loving, responsible, and the traditional Indian girl, Asmi has everything one wants in a daughter, wife, mother, daughter-in-law. etc (in case if I have left out a designation). But, she strongly feels and is troubled about certain things in the life of every woman.

These 26 chapters are about Asmi, her principles, her desires, her life, her identity! 

Whether Asmi sips the turmoil in her life like a cocktail or is drowned in it, I don’t know. Maybe even Asmi too doesn’t know. But, she knows one thing- It’s Time!


I hope you relate to Asmi as much as I do, support her, and applaud her. If Asmi is able to fly away to a new horizon, each one of us can too.


I am taking the Challenge of April with Blogchatter are you? 

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