The Place Where Happiness Dwells

Where Happiness Dwells

Smile, Happiness, and Laughter, these three words urge me to think, does anyone know where to find them? Can I find the place where happiness dwells? Is it something difficult to find now, just like our values and ethics? Really? Is finding the happiness that difficult?

Let’s read a very short story before we get to the answer to the above question (won’t bore you, promise!).

There was a man, who no matter what he did, could never make anyone happy.

He was not stinking rich but had more than enough money to satisfy all the unnecessary and unknown needs. His children were studying in a good school, wife had a good stock of gold, and he enjoyed a reputed position in the society.

Yet, happiness was nowhere to be felt. He did everything for his family and even society but at the end of the day, he couldn’t find the place where his happiness stayed. 

No matter what he did people would always found something to point fingers at.

He was contented, but not happy. 

Sounds familiar?

He never found happiness for he never looked inside him. 


Because he always tried hunting for happiness through others. 

Like us, he forgot that Happiness stays in our hearts. A fact we have very easily forgotten. We try finding happiness in the appreciation we get for our work, in the purchase we made for a loved one, in the food we ate outside. We judge happiness on the basis of the huge amount of money in one’s bank account or on the revenge one took to satisfy their ego.

Really. Are these the places happiness dwells?

You know the answer. Don’t you?


Happiness is the smile on a father’s face on seeing his child when he returns home after a hectic day.

Happiness is when your children make you feel proud.

Happiness is what the mother who just delivered a baby feels.

Happiness does not lie somewhere in the mountains or in the gold mines, but, “IT lies within YOU”.

The key to Happiness is to be satisfied with what you have and who you are. Curb the hunger. Your hunger for money, for power, for ambition. These have never been any human’s friend and neither they will ever be.

Stop slogging yourself like dogs to dig gold. Find time from your busyness and look around to admire your surroundings.

Do you remember the last time you bought flowers, had a sound sleep and didn’t shout at your employee? Of course, the answer is either the famous no or a long stretched Silence. No one wants to answer this. We all know we are losing out on the petty but golden things in our lives.

The new definition of happiness lies in money, power, and supremacy.

So, Where does happiness Dwells?

Happiness stays with you!

Happiness is not the combination of some 17 muscles, but-

It is the smile and laughter which we listen when kids play.

It is getting drenched in rain without worrying about your clothes and hair.

It is taking off those expensive shoes and walking bare feet on the grass.

It is the joy you find in the every day mundane things of life.

Making yourself or someone else happy shouldn’t be done through money, but through altruistic conduct not just for others but for yourself.

So SMILE and be HAPPY, this is the best thing you can do with your lips. ?

This post may come out as very basic. But, I just felt that sometimes basic is what we all need to realize, again. Sometimes we ought to return to our basics to make ourselves stronger.

It hurts me deeply when I see people around running in their everyday lives. Cannot scoop out time for the smaller things in life. Cannot devote time to family and kids. Do not have time for their own well-being.

Are we only living to earn and survive somehow? Is it the only reason for our existence?

I hope we all take out time every day to relax, do nothing, keep away technology, play, revive the child in us.

There is so much more to life than just living for the sake.

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Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

13 Comments on “The Place Where Happiness Dwells

  1. Such a beautiful post. These are such simple things to do and yet we find ourselves constantly avoiding to take time out for ourselves amidst all the everyday chaos.

  2. Wow …. I find no words to appreciate you for this great post. Such heart warming it is. Your words are freely flowing to express your heart. I love the way you see what happiness is.

  3. Couldn’t agree anymore, life has become monotonous. Or rather mechanical – all that matters is churning it day n night. Happiness is very easy to find, but for that one has to stop and realize smaller things too.

  4. I had a friend who once told me, when you get a gift, Happiness is not the gift , its what you feel inside you when you receive the gift. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post. I am sure it will contribute to increasing the Emotional Quotient of the readers. Keep writing Rashi! You are amazing!!
    #AlexaTheIncredible #womenbloggerwb

  5. This is so inspiring , I M A PHOTOGRAPHER AND TRAVELLER , i live the moment and find happiness in wat i see, thanks for the wonderful write up

  6. Such a beautiful post, actually happiness is what lies inside our hearts and in small actions that we do! But sadly, people search it outside and in big things!

  7. This is such a simple and honest post, Rashi. You’re right. We seek happiness somewhere outside when there’s loads of it within us just waiting for us to feel it and be content with it. We don’t need to look beyond.

  8. What a lovely post to end my day with….So many things to ponder. Yes, I take out time for the little things that constitute happiness. Keep writing such inspiring posts Rashi….Hws your health?

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