The Parallel Track of Gender Equality #LiveItEqual

Gender Inequality

We dream of our kids soaring high in academics, feel proud when they start earning and feel satisfied when they climb higher in their professional life. Then, comes marriage. Which is absolutely fine. There is nothing wrong with getting married. It sure is a beautiful phase of life. But… then also starts a parallel track. Because of the mindset, that the man is the head of the family, that the female is meant for the house and the kids. The parallel track far away from Gender Equality.

Gender Equality is like the talk of the town, everyone talks about it, but no one does anything for it. Gender Equality is missing in the professional sector undoubtedly and it’s absent at home too, But, have you ever wondered which of these two sectors is gender inequality the highest? Make a guess. I’ll wait.

Let’s consider the question again.

Which section according to you lacks Gender Equality the most?

Workplace i.e. the professional sector?


At home, in marriage?

Have your answer? Keep it for just a little while more. 

I ran a poll on Twitter mentioning three sectors I think gender inequality rests largely.

  • Workplace Inequality
  • Marriage Inequality
  • Inequality in the upbringing of kids

Below is what the community thinks.

Marriage inequality is the burning place of Gender Equality. 

Surprised, aren’t you? So was I.

The result really amused me, you know. It’s like the result is mocking us. Don’t you feel so too?

In fact, to think of it, workplace inequality and marriage inequality both are a result of not giving equal and same upbringing to our kids. When the foundation is biased and uneven, it’s foolish to expect uniformity in the future.

Today also, every son is taught that he will be the man of the house one day, that he will have to take care of the finances, that it’s him who has to go out and earn, it’s him who is the karta-dharta of everything, and that everything else will be taken care of. Because he is a MAN.

Today also, despite making the daughters study and make a mark professionally they are taught from the very beginning, that they have to get married, that they have to take care of their new family and if a time comes they will have to bury their professional status and sit at home. Because she is a WOMAN.

This ridiculous patriarchy existing in the society since the existence of our species is the sole reason of the lack of gender equality in the children’s upbringing, at the workplace and in a marriage.

Why cannot we emerge from this age-old shitty mindset and norms?

I asked in my previous post for BlogchatterProjects- Why aren’t we still equal, if we talk about Equality. 

So, let me just rephrase this question and ask, again- 

When will we, in the real sense, actually believe that a woman IS equal to a man? Click To Tweet

If we have stay-at-home moms then we have stay-at-home dads too, if the fathers are working so are the mothers, and believe me, both play each of these roles wonderfully. I know women who are doing great professionally and I also know a few men who are stay-at-home dads and are giving the best upbringing to their children.

Why don’t we just stop crouching from the burden of patriarchy and stand up to look at the beauty in #LiveItEqual?

How far do you agree here? 

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