The Mesmerizing Rain

mesmerizing rain

The street seemed neat despite the usual hustle-bustle of the traffic passing by. We decided to walk home from work. Not even five minutes on the street, it started drizzling. The water droplets kissing my bare shoulders were running a chill down my spine along with the light breeze, and your company.

The wet street urged me to tap my feet with it. I caught the hint and not able to resist myself, I stretched my hand joining us.

Surprised, your eyes silently enquired about this sudden action but immediately saw the mischievous figure dancing in my eyes.

Your lips curled in a smile to join mine whichΒ was enough to trigger the child in me. And the next moment I was dancing with joy like a peacock, getting drenched like a tree, and flying like a bird, with arms open to absorb the blissful nature in its full beauty.

Talking your left hand I placed it on my waist and saw a twinkle in your eye. Music was never an issue when more than people it is two hearts dancing in rain. In our case, we were more like children who were caught in the rain while returning home from school. Who forget everything and just enjoy the present moment.

It was raining heavily now. The raindrops looked like long cylindrical crystals shimmering against the black background forming a kind of pattern. The difference was these crystals cannot be stored in material but can only be enjoyed and later treasured in the memory.

Stepping here and there, humming, and making naughty dance moves, we started our romantic and subtle dance. The rain seemed to be doing its work perfectly. It created the perfect romantic atmosphere, the lightning was taking our invisible picture, and the thunder roared with us in laughter. It was a heart-filling moment with just you and me on the street under the thundering black sky.

The yellow striped shirt you wore hugged you closely making me envy it and blush together. (It was a momentary thought, as it flew as soon as it came. Reckon it just took my mind as a footrest to take a higher leap!)

You seemed to have seen this flying thought, as you instantly make me swirl, making me land in your arms.

Your muscles peeping from inside the wet shirt made a perfect pair with the swirl of my knee-length dress in red with white roses. Lying in your arms and looking in your eyes was the best moment of the evening. Your smile made me laugh which grew louder with your smile. Our laughter filled the air to create music which till date lives and laughs in my ears.

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Author: rashi mital

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18 Comments on “The Mesmerizing Rain

  1. Wow, so romantic. Rains do have that quality which brings out the mushy side of ours. It’s a bliss to get drenched in rain with that special someone πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks much, Prasanna. True. I always love rain. It has always been romantic for me. Thanks for reading. Cheers! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for reading. Rain is something which connects everyone across the globe. Glad to connect with you. Happy October, Shirley. Cheers! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanku so.much, Nikita. I love rains and by your comment guess you live it too. If we listen closely nature evokes the best from within. πŸ™‚
      Happy reading. Cheers!

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