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What You Sow, So Shall You Reap #WoWe

“Hello son, would you come over today?”“I’ll see dad, have an important meeting today.”“I understand buddy.” “Happy Birthday, baby! Have made your favorite cake.”“Mom, my friends have planned a party tonight. I’ll drop by tomorrow.” “Why are you lying, Nishant?”, enquired Sanjeeda. ————————————————– “Happy birthday, honey! Here’s the latest tablet for you.”“Hey baby, sorry couldn’t …

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Life Is What You Make It #WoWe

“This ought to be God’s own place.”, Leena thought. She had come a long way in search of some solace, in search of a life. Six months back she was a pale Leena, draped in salwar kameez with long hair. Six months back she slipped in the darkness of the night to run away from …


Was She Lucky? #FridayFotoFiction


“You are so lucky. So many people at your beck and call, to do anything you wish for.” Gleamed Nitara. Nitara was the closest companion to the Princess of the Singhal Kingdom, Padmavati or Rani Padmini as she was dearly called. Padmini who will be 16 years in a few months, was unmoved by the …

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The White Light #FridayFotoFiction

Lying on the death bed. He thought. “Can someone please switch off this light. Its blinding. Wait. But my eyes are closed. Am I dreaming? Oh goodness. Am I dead? Gosh. So, Is this the white light everyone talks about, which you see in the afterlife? But, why is there a glass staircase? And who …

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Kay Sera Sera! #FridayFotoFiction


“Kay. Sera Sera. What will be. Will be.” She loved this tune and hummed throughout her pregnancy. She even bought a toy for the crib which played the same tune. That day too, Neela was humming this tune while holding her stillborn child. She has been an optimist her entire life and so when God …

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Is Respect Everything? #FridayFotoFiction

Two years back, Shalini couldn’t have thought of even entering these stores, let alone buying from here. Though Mohit was her client, they soon developed a bond. He respected her and her profession, unlike others she’d met so far. She was extremely beautiful, representing a lotus. The reason people were attracted to her in the …