पापा मैं छोटी से बड़ी हो गयी क्यों

Papa mein choti se badi ho gayi kyun

कल ही तो सीखा था आपके आँगन मैं चलना मैंने, अभी कल ही तो सीखा था बोलना मैंने, जब आपजे हांथों मैं छुप जाते थे मेरे छोटे से दोनों हाँथ। आज जा रहीं हूँ एक नए आँगन को सजाने, आज अपने हांथों की मेहँदी से, जा रहीं हूँ एक नए घर को महकाने। आज लगता …


GUZAARISH… The Unseen Aspect


Don’t know why, but with some reason, I seem to like the movie Guzaarish. But surprisingly not able to figure out the exact reason for liking it. When I come to think of the various factors for its incredibility, am still perplexed… The star-cast is amazing, the music is captivating and heart drowning, the direction …


My Introduction To Wildlife

introduction to wildlife

No sooner had we (my cousins-Arpit and Nitesh, and myself) entered the woods, my nostrils were filled with the smell of wet wood, which didn’t take much time to conquer my mind, heart, and soul. My introduction to wildlife was mesmerizing. A strange, refreshing, and at the same time You-Never-Know-What’s-Coming-Next feeling took over me. The …