Role Reversal: Would You Be A Stay-At-Home Dad?

Stay-At-Home Dad

There are many fathers in our generation who proactively undertake the responsibilities when it comes to parenting. They clean their infant’s poop, feed the kids, play with them, take them out, and even cook when the need be. However, a question which is crawling slowing towards us is –  would they be a Stay-At-Home Dad …


At The Airport – For My First Flight

First Flight

Continued from the previous part – I had only 45 min before my plane takes off and I still need to reach the check-in area, which was two floors above.  I found myself blinking for a few seconds when I entered the check-in area. All I saw were long queues at various counters. Thankfully, this …


Blue Whale Challenge – The Way Out

Blue Whale Challenge

I had been thinking of writing on this since I read about the first incident, about the first teenager in India who ended his life over some game. Really? There are games which end with one committing suicide? So, when I read about this deadly online game – Blue Whale Challenge, I was appalled. About …


चलता जा रहा हूँ… ना जाने कहाँ…

A Realization

चलता जा रहा हूँ… ना जाने कहाँ… क्या अपनी तलाश है मुझे, या किसी का इंतज़ार। नहीं जानता, कहाँ है मेरी मंज़िल, कहाँ है मेरा संसार। चलता चला आया हूँ मैं ये किस गगन में, कोई भी अपना दिखे ना, मुझे अब इस आँगन में। थक गया हूँ। थोड़ा आराम कर लूँ। पर ये आसान …


To The Airport – For My First Flight

First Flight

My First Flight: 21st March 2009. Jet Airways. New Delhi to Mumbai. Departure: 9:45 am. “Rashi! Jaldi kha, tu late ho jaegi” (Rashi! Eat fast. Or you’ll miss the flight), said my masi. My eyes set on the clock; I tried munching as fast as I could. God, I hate getting up early. The alarm …