Nostalgia Hit Her Often #writebravely

Made Her Nostalgic

The raindrops,

The emanating petrichor from the plants,

And, the smell of the pleasant and fresh breeze,

Made her nostalgic.


That blue scarf she wore,

Still smelled of her perfume,

Despite being used after years today,

Made her nostalgic


There were no colors in her life now

She has accepted the truth.

Has started living with her other senses,

Yet, she has no regrets, no complaints.


Her fingers could read,

She could interpret silence,

She could smell ill-feeling,  

And, she could transfix anyone with her voice.


The accident she met two years back took her vision,

Though she has become a pro at living with darkness

Certain things, today also, often made her nostalgic.


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge

Prompt 2- Nostalgic #writebravely #writetribeproblogger


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Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

13 Comments on “Nostalgia Hit Her Often #writebravely

  1. This is such a sad but inspiring prose. It touched my heart. Such accidents can happen with anyone but they are heart breaking. Not being able to see since birth is one thing, But being able to see and then losing it makes it very difficult to accept, I am glad that in the poem the person was able to accept it and move on ..

    1. I agree, Neha.I think one’s true strength lies in accepting the reality of life than repenting and sulking. and esp in such cases, one’s will-power and strength can make them move mountains despite their disabilities. That’s the message i want to convey through this post. Thanks for reading 🙂 Cheers!

    1. Thanks much for reading, Shirley. M glad you liked it. Yes, I remember, you commented on my previous post for the challenege as well. Thanku so much 🙂 Cheers!

    1. Thanks for reading, Corinne. I salute to your friend for her courage, bravery, and will-power. we can only imagine their plight and say we empathize. But, their struggle is known only to them. If you have written a post on your friend, please do share, I’d love to read. And if you haven’t written on her yet, I urge you to write. Reading real life incidents gives huge encouragement to many.

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