My Introduction To Wildlife

introduction to wildlife

No sooner had we (my cousins-Arpit and Nitesh, and myself) entered the woods, my nostrils were filled with the smell of wet wood, which didn’t take much time to conquer my mind, heart, and soul. My introduction to wildlife was mesmerizing.

A strange, refreshing, and at the same time You-Never-Know-What’s-Coming-Next feeling took over me. The cottage we booked for our Jim Corbett Wildlife trip, in fact, took me further to a whole new and different world. The small hut like cottages reminded me of the Nancy Drew Novels, mysterious but filled with great thrill and excitement.

My cottage with the no-brick roof blended well with the three side brick walls. On the outside, the cottage was dressed with regular roof while on the inside it was all in cane. Well, whatever one says or rather as we all know, “Wildlife” undoubtedly is a world in itself.

And today, I was all set and ready to admire, be surprised and yes, be a part of this unexplored world, which was unwrapping itself slowly in front of me like a sunflower for the sun. The trees, the pebbles, the river, the animals, and just everything seemed to live in complete harmony.

It was just 12 in the afternoon, but I could listen to all the different sounds of insects and birds, which in the city are normally heard in the lap of the night. This was all just…

so Natural and Admirable.

Ever since I have known myself, I have known to be a secret admirer of nature. But never did I think, that wildlife can be so exotic and enchanting.

Till date, wildlife to me was just limited to dogs, bear, elephants, wild cats, and deers. Now I know how silly or rather ignorant I was to never give a thought to the beauty of wildlife.

However today, in the midst of the trees and this naturally wild aura I open my arms to welcome and live the real wildlife experience in the wildest way. My introduction to wildlife was totally breathtaking, and all I could think was ‘bring it on‘.

introduction to wildlife

So, here I come Mr. Tiger, Mr. Leopard, and of course Mr. Lion without forgetting the other important Mr.’s

I hope you don’t find me trespassing on your property.


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