Let’s Talk About Gender Equality? Again! #LiveItEqual

Gender Equality

Blogchatter always brings forth fresh campaigns keeping in mind the vitality of unique voice and making an impact through it. And so, with season 2 of #BlogchatterProjects I picked a topic I talk so often on even if it means taking a stand in family. The theme for my #BlogchatterProjects season 1 was Gender Equality and it’s the same for 2018 as well.

I continue to raise my voice with #LiveItEqual in the hope to spread awareness and realization on this one agenda which no matter how much a person hammers on, it will not be accomplished until we unitedly stand for it. Because though it’s been a year, we as a society haven’t moved even an inch from what we were then to what we are now.

No matter where we go. No matter how modern we become. No matter what we do. It’s hard to believe that we will achieve Gender Equality in the years to come. Or to say the truth, it’s hard to believe if someone told me I would live to see Gender Equality.

Not one day passes by without witnessing an incident on gender inequality. And the irony is that these incidents are a part of our daily lives. The usual things and scenarios which are so much grinned in our lives that you cannot overlook. These might seem small but take up most space of a day, occur repeatedly, almost every day without fail.

When would we grow up? When would we stop being hypocrites? I’d wish to ask all.

Actually, I find it extremely funny and pitiful when people boast of treating their kids equally but doubt their daughter when she comes home late or rather restrict her from staying out late in the evening.

When people worry when their son goes to a salon. When they say all sorts of things on their daughter joining a sport like wrestling or even cricket. When they discourage their son on knowing his wish to become a hairstylist.

Surprising, isn’t it. Such scenarios still exist in our society, in every other house. Happens with every second daughter or son.

Let me probe a little more.

Why do we pray to be blessed with a boy after a daughter? Would 2 daughters won’t complete the family?

If a boy and a girl are equal, why are we satisfied with two sons? Is the family complete then?

All these aren’t just question to ponder over or some burning matter you discuss in that meeting where you want to leave an impression.

Today also, nearly every household gives the same upbringing to the kids as was given 10 to 20 years back. Where boys were taught they cannot cry; they are strong; they have an upper hand over girls; that they will be the sole bread earner of the family.

We still teach the daughters that they have to get married and take care of their husband, his family, her children; that they should know how to cook; that they should keep relations above their self-respect.



These form the foundation of our age old mentality. These form the foundation of the upbringing we are giving our children today. This forms the foundation of tomorrow. AND… This needs to be CHANGED.

We know that the good and the bad are two sides of the same coin. So,

Like every man isn’t a rapist, every woman isn’t a saint.

Let’s first answer this question ourselves and then ask others-

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Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

6 Comments on “Let’s Talk About Gender Equality? Again! #LiveItEqual

    1. Hey Kajal, You’re right we need to break the walls daily. Only then can enjoy a small achievement. Achieveing Gender Equality will not be a cake walk.

  1. Your post in itself is very thought provoking, Rashi.

    It is true that patriarchal attitudes are ingrained in our psyche. As a result we decide roles for our children based on their gender.

    The very first thing would be to ensure that we, our family and the other people we are in contact with, atleast realise that their thinking is flawed and needs to be changed. The next steps arise from there.

    Looking forward to reading more on gender equality.

    1. I agree with you, Sona. The very first that we need to take begins from our home, the change has to be seen in the upbringing of our children. Unfortunately, standing against one’s family is the most difficult step of all. But, I am sure many of us are already doing it. We will see a change when all of us would stand for Gender Equality. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  2. Gender neutrality is a mindset that runs deep into the DNA of our society. As a parent I sometimes flinch when some elder tells my boy that what job he has in the kitchen, or tells my neice that she shouldn’t fight with her cousin brothers so aggressively.

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