Know Me

Though a writer, I somehow find it a task to write about myself and my work. On the suggestion of a friend that people might also want to know me, in addition to reading my blog. So, here I go. (Please bear with me, in case, if it sounds boasting.  Let’s just quickly go through this.)

I am a person who believes in little things in life and takes life as it comes (yes, this is difficult, considering that life often catches us off guard. Yet, I try to keep my stand). I am a travel enthusiast (though I do not get to travel often) and I love to write (on just anything which comes to my mind). I love speed and driving is my first love (yes, my husband comes second).

Extremely proud of my driving skills, I hope that one-day female drivers are not judged on the basis of their gender, and given equal grounds as men in terms of their driving skills. Driving is my stress buster as well and I feel there is no fun in driving below the speed of 70-80 km/h.

On the other hand, when I am not running around my two-year-old daughter, I am either penning down my thoughts, reading a book, or sleeping (which is quite seldom). I chose to be a stay-at-home-mom two years back and there are no regrets whatsoever. 

Despite being a content writer for over six years, I was badly struck with writer’s block (on the personal blogging front), which I recently overcame after two long years ( is a result of my new found energy and zeal). In fact, a thought which further pushed me towards writing again not just for myself but for everyone like me out there, and do something worthy was, “How do I want to feel when I look back 10 years down the lane? I don’t want to regret thinking, ‘I could have done that’ or ‘I should have let go of this’!”

So, all geared up here I am with you, and for you, trying to live up to my expectations, to give the best upbringing to my daughter, and rediscover myself (which is equally vital). 
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