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Just Another Day by Piyusha Vir- Book Review

Just Another Day

Just Another Day was on my To-Be-Read list since it’s release but somehow didn’t pick it owing to the current books at hand. However, when I met Piyusha at the Women Writer’s Fest, I had to pick it up asap.

And that’s what I did. The very next day this book was in my Kindle library. My second ebook, as first was sent by a publisher (yeah, I’m still old school, prefer paperbacks) but the very first ebook purchased by me.

I so loved the cover page of Just Another Day when it was revealed on Facebook. The cover page is so apt to the title. Isn’t our every day as simple and yet bright as the colours of the cover page? There is nothing special stored for us every day but the same, simple things of life. But, there are a few small moments every day which fill brightness in it.

The title Just Another Day is perfect for each of the three short stories in the book. Incidents, sad and happy, don’t pick a particular day but happen in our lives on any normal day. And how often we find ourselves saying this- ‘Aah, it was Just Another Day’!

What I loved about Just Another Day

The book comprises only three short stories Writer’s Circle, Happy Birthday, Saisha, and Elevator Tales and so makes the perfect pick during a long commute or when waiting or simply for a quick read anytime.

Every story is woven around a completely different genre which makes me marvel at the author.

In fact, the narrative and the writing style is so different that though at times I felt I might lose track of the story, never once did it happen. All the three stories are woven smartly yet with care.

Writer’s Circle

The story is so engaging from the very beginning that I actually didn’t notice that the protagonist introduces herself halfway through the story. Funnily that’s when I realized ‘oh yeah, I didn’t know who’s narrating the story’.

As the title says I can totally relate to the urge to write when something is jumping in your head. It gets very difficult to focus on anything else. All you need is a pen and paper or your laptop to jot down every little thing playing in your mind.

Though at some point I thought I knew what’s next, the author held me so engrossed in the story that I just couldn’t pull myself away from reading and ponder over what’s ahead.

Happy Birthday, Saisha

This is another marvelous piece by the author. I think I’d say this for every story. I just love the writing style of the author. Even this story keeps you glued you throughout.

The crux of the story you might feel is not new yet you go on with the hope to see that ray of light. The sensitivity that flows through the story is so gripping that not once would you be able to put it down.

Elevator tales

Oh, this one is like a breath of fresh air and I was smiling wide in the end. It’s such a cute story of the first love-at-first-sight love. And I bet you would also not be able to anticipate the twist in the end. It’s just awesome. Well, I won’t harp more on this story especially lest I spill the beans.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book is that it finished just tooo soon.

About the author

Just Another Day is the debut book of Piyusha Vir but not once did I feel so. The amalgamation of the writing style, as I’ve mentioned earlier many times, the art of keeping the reader hooked, and the pace of the story is done so tactfully that the book doesn’t come as the first work of the author.

Piyusha Vir started writing in 2015 and before publishing Just Another Day has also been featured along with 29 authors in the anthology of short stories ‘Mock, Stalk & Quarrel’. Piyusha is also featured on Sheroes, WomensWeb, Momspresso, and Writersmelon. Her mantra for life is – To do what makes her happy.

You can read her recent interview on Storieo.

Rating: 5 stars

You can buy the book here.

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    1. Hi Shirley, yes is it. especially if you like reading short stories. Do let me know if you read it. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  1. I have been reading the reviews of this book for quite sometime by my blogger friends. And your review had also made me curious to read it. Will do it soon.

    1. sure it is, Ramya. This was my first read from Piyusha, and I must say she kept me with her throughout. With just 3 short stories, Just Another Day makes a perfect pick for a quick read. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I love short stories, and this one seems to be a perfect choice for travel times and weekend reading. Writer’s Circle has piqued my interest. Will check this book, soon. Thanks for the recommendation, Rashi 🙂

    1. M glad the book made its place in your TBR, Shilpa. Short stories definitely make for a great read. Hope you like it too. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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