It’s All In The Planets. Is It?

it's all in the planets

In my previous blog I had mentioned about a book-worm which bit me badly; and so, I was caught up reading an amazing book by Preeti Shenoy, ‘It’s All In The Planets’.

My mind was bursting with numerous contradictory questions after reading this book, and one of them was, how true is the phrase ‘It’s All In The Planets’?

And I can’t help but wonder how many of us really believe in destiny? Especially in this modern society. I always found myself juggling between the ‘destiny factor’ and the phrase ‘a man makes his own destiny’. The two very common and highly contradicting phrases.

Nevertheless, I got an answer to my above confusion in the year 2010, when my parents were full-fledged in the process of finding me a suitable boy for marriage. We came across a bio data which looked okay to take matters ahead. So, we proceeded.

I was fine with the idea of marriage. Though I always wanted to fall in love and then marry, I let go the way things were shaping up. I was like if I happen to find ‘The One’ the Rishta way, why not!

So, both the families (mine and the boy’s) decided to meet at our house. I checked out the boy while his mom was interviewing me (asking questions like it happens in the Indian society; if I can cook, what all can I cook, how much have I studied, etc.) and he looked okay. Surely, not the tall-dark-handsome kinds, but okay to consider once.

After some time we (the boy and I) were given some alone time. He asked me a few questions and I replied sans sounding disinterested. We were out of the room in just 15 minutes; coz I didn’t feel like asking him anything and he seemed to be out of his prepared questions.

He didn’t look like my type. The moment he started talking, I knew he isn’t ‘The One’. In fact, throughout the meeting I was only thinking, let’s just get over with this- this meeting, this formality, this saree.

Later in the evening, while discussing the proposal with my father, every cell in my body and every inch of my brain was saying something was not in place; something’s wrong; to make it stop. There was no thread of positiveness which I could hold on to.

Then something happened which changed everything, for everyone.

Normally, whenever I’m with my father, I do not attend calls and definitely not from an unknown number. But, that day, don’t know why I answered the call from an unknown number.

“Hello” I answered the call.

“Hi. Rashi. I’m Rishabh this side.”, It was the boy I met in the morning. (I so wish we had Truecaller that time)

“Oh. Hi.”, I replied, surprised that he has my number and even more surprised that he called me.  

“Well, I wanted to know what’s your answer; a yes or a no. I just thought to ask you before giving my answer to my parents. I’ll shape up my answer accordingly”. He said.  

The air around me seemed cold. During the call (which was like for 5 minutes) I was wondering, how thoughtful of a person I have just met, asking my opinion before framing his answer to be given to his family. Yes, he was a bit weird, definitely and 100% not my type, but don’t we all want a thoughtful life partner, who cares for you before himself and everything else? Isn’t it this fact which matters most among all the other things? Being thoughtful!

I briefed my father about the call and as expected he latched onto the opportunity and said, ‘See, didn’t I tell you he’s a nice guy!’

And the ‘NO’ to the proposal which was right there on the top of my tongue, restless to jump out of my mouth just before the phone rang, was gulped down, making me burp a ‘YES’ instead.

Suddenly, the tense air in the room changed to a joyous one. Calls poured in from all the relatives and friends.

But, I didn’t feel happy. I kept asking myself if my decision was right, coz somewhere in my heart, I couldn’t do away with that sad and scary feeling, which haunted me before spitting out the Yes and which now I wore as an invisible cloak. 

Destiny took charge and I was engaged to the guy the next day. Believe it or not, throughout the ceremony, that haunting feeling gripped me like anything, making me want to just run away from everything.

Now that I was engaged, I thought to push aside all the negative pins pricking me and give the relationship a chance. Little did I know what destiny had in store for me.

Not even a month and a half in the courtship period, and I realized this marriage, if happens, is not going to last long. I had tried all the possibilities, permutations and combinations to make the relationship work, but it was seemed impossible.

I knew I had genuinely and with all honesty done my best to make it work. And, when I was sure there is no future in this relationship and that the sooner the bomb explodes the better it is, I gathered up the courage and told my parents the unexpected.

That I don’t want to marry this guy.

All hell broke loose. I was charged with umpteen numbers of allegations by family, relatives, and society. But, I had made up my mind- I did not want to continue on the path I opted for a few months back. I did not want this relationship to be sealed.

That’s when the answer came-

Yes, It’s All In The Planets! Coz if the guy hadn’t called me, I would have said NO and nothing of all this would have happened. But because Destiny IS real, it was bound to happen.

Yet, there is no denying that the same planets sometimes give us a window to Make Our Own Destiny. And I did find that window to change my destiny.

I guess, in our book of destiny, there are certain pages where the planets have written ‘As Your Wish’.

Destiny sure has a well-paved path for us, but it is our choices that change the course of the written destiny, making us the makers of our destiny.

Do you have a story which talks about destiny and the will to change it? Share your story in the comments. 

Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

5 Comments on “It’s All In The Planets. Is It?

  1. Very well written Rashi… i love your style of writing… i wish to read a book frame by you some day…
    And yeah destiny is real…though like you even i think we always get chances to manipulate our destiny re frame it… to make a new unknown path. And that guy… that question before your answer melt my heart too 🙂
    Believe me in our generation people like him are gem 🙂

    1. Thanku so much Mayuri. This means a lot. With the support and encouragement of fellow bloggers/writers like you, I hope to go on. Well, it’s my story actually. So, I called off the engagement and began afresh. 🙂

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