From being skeptical to Investing in Tata Value Homes

Tata Value Homes

I have been staying in rented flats post marriage and in these six years have changed five flats across four cities. Each time I move I leave behind some unwanted things, some broken stuff, and some memories. And every time one thought crosses my mind- I wish I had my own house. But, new opportunities hush me down. However, recently, I came to know about #Tata99HomesFestival being ventured by Tata Value Homes making rounds. 

But, as usual, I brushed it aside as I have stopped trusting builders and property dealers (a story I’ll address in another post.)

It’s not that I don’t want to buy a house. Who doesn’t? We might push the thought of buying our dream house aside for awhile but never push it out of the list. Instead of paying the rent, it’s always better to pay the same amount as EMI. At least I would be investing. I wish it was that easy.

Coming from the rootless generation (no disrespect), as we are always on the lookout for better opportunities and never think twice before moving ahead to grab the new opportunity, we think umpteen numbers of time before buying our own home. I’m sure you’d agree with me here. And I belong to the same rootless generation. 

A few more factors which discourage me in investing in properties, especially buying a house are low-quality construction, genuine builders, and most of all return on investment. If I am using my hard earned money for my dream house, I want everything from a neighborhood, to locality and community, just everything.

So, initially, I didn’t give a second look to the #Tata99HomesFestival, owing to my trust issues. But, somehow I was often coming across posts on the Tata 99 Homes Festival, on Twitter and Facebook and even while browsing through websites. And I thought- Is this a sign?

TATA is a trusted name, no doubt, and I have immense respect for Mr. Ratan Tata. I completely trust him, up to the extent of investing my hard earned money in his venture. Yes, I would!

That’s when I read all about it.

About Tata Value Homes

Tata Value Homes is announcing a Flash Sale for its first 99 customers for 99 home units across the country. In fact, I found that Tata Value Homes is also giving a funding of 99% along with discounts going up to 19 Lakhs. The Flash Sale is open for 99 hours only and bookings commence from 2nd November 12 AM and ending on 6th November 3 AM.

I researched on it further. Tata Value Homes is a subsidiary of Tata Housing which is amongst the leading real estate Indian companies. And the venture aims at connecting aspiring buyers to their dream residence through their diverse portfolio.

If you are like me, afraid of losing your money in property, have trust issues with builders, but want your own house, I would suggest go for #Tata99HomesFestival. The best part of investing with Tata Value Homes is that they understand where we come from and offer affordable housing which is way beyond just a house.

How To Avail The Offer?

So, go to their website and register with your basic details. After registration, you can visit the Tata property nearest to you between 2nd November and 6th November 2017. If you like the offer, you can book your dream home on the spot and walk away with a home loan with select Nationalized Banks ranging to 99% of the agreement value, everything in just 30 minutes.

For a person who checks her bank account every day (not literally), the feature of 99% funding was a little difficult to digest. But… IT IS TRUE and totally REAL.

I have always been skeptical about letting go of my money. But, with TATA, I am sure of getting quality construction, to be dealing with honest builders, and the best investment. Tata projects are being offered with great amenities and without burning a hole in your pocket. So if you have been thinking about buying your own home, this is the golden opportunity.

Super Deal! Isn’t it? Tata Value Homes comes out fair with us. There are no hidden clauses, what you see is what you get. You dream and Tata Value Homes brings it alive.

I am going to the nearest property to me. Are you?

Author: rashi mital

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