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This is my second post for #BlogchatterProjects and I’m glad I could finally write it. The last week was packed with unexpected circumstances and just couldn’t scoop out time to blog for the this month’s campaign by Blogchatter. However, the last week gave me ample of time to think and contemplate about this post. How I was also a part of the #inequality I strongly feel about now and how girls today also are facing the same inequality.


“Rashi, come and help me in the kitchen.” said my mom.

“sasural jaegi toh saas puchegi, Khana banana aata hai? Tab kya bologi?(after marriage, when mother-in-law will ask what can you cook, what will you reply?” said my grandmother.

“I want to study Event Management.” “It’s not suitable for you. You won’t be able to deal with laborers.” said my dad.

These were some of the many incidents in my life when my parents and sometimes society felt that they must remind me every now and then that, I Am A Girl.

I understand that earlier like some 20-30 years back or even more, men used to toil for a living while the women used to take care of house and kids. This was the set standard. However, now when women are working and are given education, why do we still expect only the women to take care of the household and the kids?

When a woman is sharing the financial load with her husband, shouldn’t the husband be equally responsible for the household load as well? Click To Tweet

Why still this difference? And we boast of the modern era we are born and live in. 

In fact, today, every boy moves out from his family to study or work at some point of time in his life, and this makes fact makes it a valid reason to teach them cooking, household chores, and everything a girl is taught from her childhood. Yes, one can find a domestic help for such tasks, but shouldn’t one know how to take care of himself? Or is it only a woman’s job to take care of herself, then her husband, his family, her family and their home?

I can scoop out many examples from my family on this.

I and my sister were always taught, nudged, and sometimes scolded too to learn the household chores along with being bold enough to take care of ourselves when we step out outside in the world (my parents have always taught us to be self-sufficient). However, at the same place, my brother and my three cousin brothers were never even once asked to help in the house.

Why? May I ask? Why this different upbringing for many girls like me across the globe?

Parents want their daughters to do everything from cooking to studying to making a career. Although, the last part can be ignored for some girls because I feel such parents make their daughters study only so that their daughters are married in good families. And some parents don’t even feel the need of education for their daughters. This part, however, I save for another post.  

They don’t want a girl child but want their son to marry a girl. Why not marry the son to another son? They all want a girl who can cook, take care of the house, work and bring in earnings, and give birth to their children/grandchildren. But, they don’t want their son to share the house responsibilities with their daughter or daughter-in-law. Really?! Is this all that a girl is born for?

The husband expects his wife to respect and take care of his parents, but would this son feel the same way for his wife’s parents, his in-laws? I agree that men today are caring towards their in-laws. But, I am sure men will never be able to accept their in-laws in the same way as they want their wife to accept her in-laws. Are relations coming with marriage only a girl’s responsibility? Why is Marriage Education for girls only?

A daughter does everything for her family before and after marriage, yet she is denied the last rites of her parents if she hasn’t a brother? Click To Tweet

Is this equality?

A man and his parents while looking for a suitable match put a condition- we want a working girl.

Why don’t the girl’s parents and she herself ask – I want a husband who can cook and can help with household chores? Why not? I wonder. 

Where is the Equality then?

Why aren’t we still Equal if we talk about Equality?


We might have stepped in the modern era, but are thoughts root deep in the old hypocrite standards.

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