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How to Use Shareaholic Social Media Plugin For WordPress

One of the crucial features of blogging is the sharing of the posts on the various social media channels. There are umpteen numbers of plugin for social media each having its own features and perks and hence it becomes extremely difficult to find a decent social media plugin for your blog on WordPress or any other blogging platform. As a result, even I found myself switching from one plugin to another quite often.

My blog is fairly young and hence understanding the need and usage of a plugin was almost like climbing a mountain. However, it was crucial that finalized on one plugin for social media for I didn’t want my readers to find a new look in respect to social media icons each time they stop by my blog.

It was only after trying around three-four plugins and taking advice from fellow bloggers and Google that I settled with Shareaholic.

Now, where Shareaholic works for me it is not necessary you are satisfied with it too. In this case, you will have to try different social media plugins and select the one which suits your blog the best.

I have nevertheless broken down the method to install and use the social media plugin for Shareaholic below. Considering that this post is specifically for WordPress users the images below are accordingly. 

How to Install a Social Media Plugin

Login to your blog and scroll down to ‘plugin’ (as in the image below) while on the dashboard. Click on PLUGINS and you will see three options: Installed Plugins, Add New, and Editor. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TOUCH EDITOR.

Shareaholic Social Media Plugin

Search For a Social Media Plugin

After clicking on the plugin, click on Add New if you need to install a new plugin (in case, if you wish to use a different plugin than Shareaholic), as shown in the image below.

Shareaholic Social Media Plugin


General information: It is recommended that you pick a Plugin for which the last updated is within a month and Active Installations are above 5000.


Shareaholic Social Media Plugin

Shareaholic Social Media Plugin Installed and Activated

Now, once you have installed the plugin of your choice, Shareaholic in this case, click on plugins on the left black panel(as down above) and then on installed plugins. You will see the new social media plugin in the list of the installed plugin as shown in the image below. (From Here On Each Step Is For Shareaholic Users).

Shareaholic Social Media Plugin

How to use Shareaholic Social Media Plugin

Click on settings under the social media plugin. You will reach on a page as shown in the image below. Here you can customize the social media settings for every page, post, etc as per your wish.

Shareaholic Social Media Plugin

Edit Shareaholic Social Media Icons

Clicking on customize will lead to a page as shown in the image below. You can change the theme of the social media icons, size, layout, alignment, and much more from here.

Shareaholic Social Media Plugin


You can add more social media buttons (StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, etc) to the existing list from the same page as above.

Shareaholic Social Media Plugin


This is how my blog looks at the front end as per the settings.

Embed Twitter Handle in Shareaholic Social Media Plugin


Now comes the extremely vital part. Click on edit settings to embed your twitter handle in the settings.

Shareaholic Social Media Plugin


Clicking on edit settings you will be led to the following page.

Shareaholic Social Media Plugin


Add your twitter handle in the box as in the image above. You may change the beginning of the tweet (I have written ‘An amazing read’) and add the twitter handle. Do not change anything else in the box.

You may choose the URL shortener for the post link when someone shares your post.

You may also change the post-sharing dialogue like the message, how it appears, color of the text, your reader will get after sharing your post (as in the image).


Viola! You are done!

This post is as per SHAREAHOLIC social media plugin. You may, however, wish to explore other social media plugins. Search for plugins on google, read reviews, install and use them (yes, you will need to) and settle with the one which works best for you. There are many Youtube tutorials as well on the same to help you at every step.


Here is a detailed youtube tutorial which i think answers every little query in respect to setting up SHAREAHOLIC social media plugin.


Hope this post was helpful. Do let me know if you get stuck somewhere.


“This post is written as a part of the #AlexaTheIncredible campaign hosted by #womenbloggerwb”

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    1. Thanks much, Mayura. I really hope it helps those in need. I have been here and so that sometimes all one needs is a literally step-by-step guide. Technology can get overwhelming! 🙂

    1. I hope it helps everyone who needs help. I have been there and know it. Sometimes all you need is someone who can tell you things step by step, even if it is spoon feeding. Technology can get on nerves.
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    1. Agree, Vasantha. I tried many plugins but finally settled with Shareaholic. Hope I’m able to help further too. Thanks much for dropping by 🙂

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