GUZAARISH… The Unseen Aspect


Don’t know why, but with some reason, I seem to like the movie Guzaarish. But surprisingly not able to figure out the exact reason for liking it. When I come to think of the various factors for its incredibility, am still perplexed…

The star-cast is amazing, the music is captivating and heart drowning, the direction is by one of the most experienced in the industry, and the movie has the aura which takes us in a different world entirely. Yet, there is something more which lingers on my mind even hours after the movie. I know the aspect that has taken over my mind is none of the mentioned above.

It’s HIM… Yes! That’s right. It’s ETHAN MASCARANUS who has left me in his awe.

Ethan Mascaranus has left me spellbound and awestruck. Mainly for the moral he gives in the movie and the real-life inspiration he portrays. He reveals the secret to enjoy our sufferings and live with them as if they are nothing but the daily chores we do. It’s true that it is easy to say than do. But, that’s what Ethan Mascaranus tries telling us in Guzaarish.  He tells us to live and enjoy life to the extreme…for one reason that our life is “SHORT” and second cause we just have “ONE” life.

“Live life with glory and end life with glory.” That’s what ETHAN MASCARANUS believes in

 Guzaarish- Movie in my view

Guzaarish beautifully paints the agony and endurance of a quadriplegic, Ethan Mascaranus. Actually no. I shouldn’t call it agony. Guzaarish shows Ethan’s strength and the determination that comprises everything from the universe to keep him going on and on until he waits for his destiny.

The best part of Guzaarish for me was that the character of Ethan doesn’t show his pangs of distress at all for even once in the entire movie and neither does he tries to gain sympathy audience. Instead, I am sure he earns dignity and honor through his noble and optimistic perspective towards life.

Ethan Mascaranus is a pot full of immense willpower and the never-give-up attitude. His character is indeed not just an inspiration for all the quadriplegics but in fact an example of strong determination to all those who despite being completely able physically happen to be disabled from their thinking.

Guzaarish for me is an unusual love story away from the usual ones., where the audience is compelled to think how to love one’s life despite the hardships.

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