Golden Chance to Buy Your Own House With TATA Value Homes

TATA Value Homes

India’s First Real Estate Flash Sale is Back with the #OfferOfTheCentury

TATA Housing Development Company launched a subsidiary TATA Value Homes in 2010 with the objective of providing affordable housing to the aspiring home buyers. In November 2017, Tata Value Homes conducted India’s first-ever online booking by launching ‘99 hours flash sale’ from November 2nd to November 6th.

The Flash Sale was open for 99 hours, where home buyers could avail 99% funding with discounts up to 19 Lakhs across TATA Value Homes’ properties in India! Simply paying 1% of the agreement value and the house is yours, sounds too good to be real, right? When you have TATA’s brand name on offer, it’s quite believable.

The response to the sale was extremely overwhelming and set a new record. #TATA99HomesFestival enabled the consumers to book their much-awaited and wanted dream home with a booking amount of INR 30,000 only.

TATA Value Homes


Unheard Features of 99 Hours Flash Sale

99 hours flash sale was so lucrative and attractive that a majority of the buyers dropped in from Tier-II cities along with NRI buyers.

99% funding – up to 19 Lakhs discount; all packed in just one offer is completely unheard of and in fact, unbelievable. Isn’t it?

Fasten your seatbelts! There is more to it.

Considering that the offer was received extremely well by the buyers, TATA Value Homes decided to re-introduce the #OfferOfTheCentury. Yes, you heard it!

So, if owing to whatever reason you weren’t able to avail this one-of-a-kind #OfferOfTheCentury, you get another chance.

They say, opportunity doesn’t knock twice at the door, but with TATA, it does.

How Can You Avail This Golden Chance

TATA Value Homes is opening the sale again, for 24 hours on November 11th 4:00 PM to November 12th 4:00 PM. The customers can avail 99% funding, up to 19 Lakhs discount offers, and even a home loan from select nationalized banks, everything again.

So, get going. Book your home now by visiting their website

True to its name and brand identity, TATA Value Homes ensures to help every customer in achieving their dreams, especially of buying their dream home, and this is evident from the 24 hours flash sale.

TATA Value Homes brought a revolution in the real estate dimension by launching 99 hours flash sale. With re-opening the flash sale, the brand once again proves that it values and respects the dreams of its customers over anything and everything else.

TATA Value Homes have over these years pioneered affordable housing in the country and are always introducing unique offers for the fence-sitting buyers to take that first step for buying their dream home.

If you are one of the umpteen numbers of buyers who wanted to buy their dream house with TATA Value Homes but couldn’t, this is your golden chance.

TATA Value Homes

Why TATA, You Ask?

TATA is a trusted name in every sector they have stepped in. The brand ventured into numerous projects, some worked, some faltered. The reason a few projects didn’t work out because TATA did not undertake wrong means to achieve their objectives. This is what restores our belief in the name TATA – it is honest towards its customers, respects and values our dreams, and most importantly keeps our benefits above theirs.

With TATA, you can rest assured that there are no hidden clauses or terms, everything is on the table, transparent and crystal clear. 24 hours flash sale is a deal which promises that you take away more than just affordable buying options.

Ready? Don’t tell me you are still contemplating? There won’t be a better time to go for your own house.

Book your dream home with indeed the #OfferOfTheCentury here

Offer Ends on 12th November, 4 PM.

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