Friends With Benefits

friends with benefits

I remember the day when I met you through our common friend outside the college gate. We started meeting often, coz you were always there whenever I planned an outing with my friend. I used to converse with you only when needed, to make it very clear that I just can’t stand you. Little did I know back then that we will become friends with benefits sooner than I could even comprehend. 

To be honest, in just a few outings I did feel a pull towards you, call it your persuasive nature or your cuteness. So, our interaction grew to texts and eventually to long late night phone calls. Though our text messages were quite generic, our calls revolved particularly around flirting. And it was fun. Some 10 years back, a boy getting interested in you was a big thing, wasn’t it! 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the primary reason for our so-called growing bond was the human need for physical desires and the attraction towards the opposite sex. We all have talked about and teased around physical intimacy and sexual desires with our friends, male or female. And, there is no harm in talking about it, as we all have friends with benefits at some point in our lives. But, of course, the ‘benefits‘ differ from person to person. 

I was no different either. Though we spoke about everything, from our work and goals, to my crush and his girlfriend; our calls were dipped mostly in the sexual urge. In fact, his girlfriend was our another common friend. So I knew their relationship in and out. What’s hilarious is, I was their cupid, literally!

Nevertheless, somewhere deep within, I genuinely took you as a good friend. Someone I felt good to talk to, irrespective of the topic; someone I could rely on; someone I could trust. I knew you wouldn’t take advantage of me without my permission, even if we happen to be together alone at a deserted place.

But who knew!

Despite having started the conversation on topics other than s*x, we ended up talking about it. With time, our calls turned into meetings. Not to mention the objective of those. I knew how the meetings would end, yet with every meeting I hoped that we would, for a change, just talk, relax, or maybe sit and do nothing. You know, like those friends who share a lot more than just physical intimacy.

However, a lot changed for me when one of my immediate family members had undergone a surgery and I was juggling between the hospital and home. The hospital was just across the road from our home, so my mom offered to help my relatives with meals. 

The surgery was big and I was old enough to understand how stressful such situations can be. Hence, I willingly took the job of delivering the meals, despite feeling the pressure myself. My studies were lagging behind a little and one day by the time I reached home in the evening after my coaching, I was too exhausted.

Was just thinking about you, when you called. I felt so good on seeing your name flash on the phone screen that I quickly answered the call. You were there for me, as always. No matter how difficult one’s life is, we always have our share of unforgettable people we can’t do away with. And you undeniably were one of them for me. 

‘Hey’, I answered your call. Your voice affected me in some way. I could feel the pressure and stress draining away from me. 

‘Hey. How doing?’, You asked.

‘Cool. Just back from the class. Have to rush to the hospital with dinner. Anyway wassup with you?’, I asked cheerfully.

‘Umm, listen, I need a little help.’ You said.

‘Sure. Tell me.’ I replied. Irrespective of the things at my end, I never said no to you. 

‘I need some cash’. You said. In a tone as casual as ever. (There you go, Friends with Benefits)

I was taken aback when you asked me this. Not because you asked for money, but because you were so straight to the point, that I couldn’t believe my ears. I felt like crying and laughing at the same time. Not one sympathy question from you related to the patient or how I was coping with the stress. 

(But probably, as I was a good friend to him than he to me, I did help him.) So, before visiting the hospital one morning, I meet you to give the money.  You take the money, thank me (of course, thanks to courtesy) and then commented on my hands not waxed. I found myself gaping at you while suppressing the urge to laugh at the unbelievable and ridiculous moment I had witnessed. 

All I could think that time was, ‘Really! Is that all you have to say?’, totally surprised on how could you be so inhumane and casual about the turn of events in my life. Not once did you ask if I need any help! Although, I am absolutely sure, if not emotionally, you would have readily offered help in physical terms, had I asked for, that’s what we were, friends with benefits, isn’t it.

Well, the final hit was, when you did not forget to mention how the meeting with your girlfriend go and how you sealed your relationship with a kiss.

It was then when I knew, no matter who you were to me, I was always, only ‘Friends With Benefits’ for you.


Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

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