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Asmi’s Journal


Avni is a darling. And I’m sure is a very strong person from within. I’m not saying this from intuition but because I know it. She proved this when she was inside me.

Two years back we went to Manali with a couple friend and it was a memorable trip in every way. Of course, I didn’t know that Avni was traveling with us.

I got to know that I’m expecting when we were back and also that my pregnancy was delicate. I was hence advised bed rest for the first trimester.

I took care of every minute thing. But, I knew my baby was very strong.

Though I was advised bed rest in the first trimester, I unknowingly did everything I should have avoided- trekking, walking for kilometers, an overnight journey in a bus, and even consuming alcohol.

When none of these activities could harm my baby, I knew nothing now would. My baby was here to stay, to be with me. My baby was a fighter.

Another incident which made this belief strong was when I fell in my 8 month. What’s surprising was that I was alone when I slipped in the bathroom and I got up, called my mom-in-law, and after 20 mins was at the hospital.

And you know what.

Nothing. Nothing happened to my baby.

She was absolutely fine, though, she joined our world just after 10 days. But, the fact is I came home after the emergency visit to the hospital as if nothing happened.


And today. She proved it yet again.

I had to give a blood sample for some testing so we called for the home collection.

Avni was around and when she saw the syringe she stretched her hand and said, “I also want injection in my hand.”

The man was surprised more than me on hearing Avni say this. You don’t get to hear such words from a child and moreover from a 3 yr old kid.

I am so proud of her, more because she is a girl. Today, my daughter once again proved that she is strong, fearless, and a fighter.

And she has to be because she has to face the world.

Because she has to raise her voice against many in future.

Because she has to stand for herself, for no one else will.

Because one day she will also say #IAmShe

Let’s teach our kids to be fearless from the very beginning. Let’s teach them to voice their opinion on everything they feel like. Let’s not restrict them and their thinking.

Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

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