Eco-Friendly Products by Dopolgy

Eco-Friendly Products by Dopolgy

In this concrete and away-from-nature world, many of us are looking back and trying to adopt the traditional and eco-friendly ways not just for a healthy lifestyle but even to bring our surroundings a little closer to nature. I was still searching through the internet about some eco-friendly products I can use in my everyday life when I noticed an online friend’s startup. There is a difference in perspective when you see a product by a known person as compared to the products available online. There are few sites offering eco-friendly and Ayurvedic products but I haven’t yet bought even one because I am still thinking, should I buy them? Are they really authentic Ayurvedic products? Not that I am saying they aren’t, but somehow I take time. But not with Dopolgy!

So when Akshata, the co-founder of Dopolgy and a friend tweeted about reviewing their products I had to step in. The package I was sent was extremely simple and shows the effort a person had put in. No fancy stuff.

Eco-Friendly Products by Dopolgy

This package was like a Pandora’s box, (only a bit smaller, for I assume pandora’s box would be bigger than this of course) because we kept pulling out so many things sent by Dopolgy. My daughter Ay was so excited to see it. I had to make her stop so that I could take pictures.

The pandaro’s box of Eco-Friendly Products comprised:

  1. A charcoal toothbrush
  2. A bamboo bristles toothbrush
  3. A set of 10 colour pencils
  4. A set of 6 newspaper pencils
  5. A set of 3 newspaper seed pencils
  6. A bamboo threaded loofa

Eco-Friendly Charcoal ToothBrush

Eco-Friendly Charcoal ToothBrush
Eco-Friendly Charcoal Toothbrush

The charcoal toothbrush is extremely soft on the teeth and the gums. The soft bristles are 100% natural and antibacterial promising whitening of the teeth naturally through the charcoal. It’s only been around a week and I can already see the difference (will do a separate post on its usage though). They have two sizes, the bigger one can be used by adults and the tiny one for kids. Ay switched her just-bought-toothbrush with this one (Am I a proud mother? Sure am!) We got another brush for kids and the wooden handle, made of bamboo, is so smooth making you feel good in the morning, a step closer to nature.

Eco-Friendly Newspaper Seed Pencils

Eco-Friendly Products by Dopolgy
Eco-Friendly Newspaper Seed Pencils
Eco-Friendly Newspaper Seed Pencils

I am so in love with the eco-friendly seed pencils. A) They look damn cute B) The excitement to quickly use the pencils so that we can reach the seeds is nothing less than finding a treasure. It feels like the tiny seeds on top of the pencils are waiting to be planted to grow into a beautiful plant. The wait is killing me. But, do I have a choice? So, I am making Ay do all her homework with these pencils. 😉 Btw, did you read the vegetable names on the pencils? Each name corresponds to the seeds on the pencil. Lovely, ain’t it?!

Eco-Friendly Newspaper Pencils and Newspaper Color Pencils

Eco-Friendly Newspaper Pencils

You know, the feeling of holding these eco-friendly pencils is just amazing. Never had I imagined to see a newspaper in such a look and make. The graphite is infused in newspaper layers with perfection and the point after sharpening never breaks owing to loose grip, unlike the other pencils. The print around the pencils makes it look so cool and if you notice the circles around the graphite lead in the center, you just marvel at the thought and effort behind this creation.

Eco-Friendly Products by Dopolgy
Eco-Friendly Newspaper Color Pencils

Oh, and what shall I say about the color pencils. These eco-friendly color pencils are extremely smoothly that it feels like silk. Each color pencil has the perfect pigment and Ay is all over these. To be honest, I didn’t find this smoothness and the right pigmentation in the usual crayons and color pencils even by the top brands (yes, the ones that come to our mind instantly. Not even those.)

When so much wood is being cut down to make paper and furniture and what not, this is our chance to give all back. The newspaper pencils are the perfect way to it. We are using from nature and giving it back.

Natural Loofah

Eco-Friendly Natural Loofah

I’ll be honest again, I have wanted to buy one of these from a really long time. So, when this natural loofah made of dried skeleton of gourd veregatble came along with the other goodies, I was over the top and so grateful to Dopolgy. I have been using is daily and though it got soft after the first use, it scrubs quite well.  

Each product made by Dopolgy is 100% biodegradable, vegan, BPA free and eco-friendly in every little way. In fact, the packaging of each product can be used in making compost or in a pot. And in case you have neither of these options, like me, you can discard them too without worrying about the harm it may cause to nature because as I said earlier, these are 100% biodegradable.

Visit DOPOLGY for more awesome eco-friendly stuff. Dopolgy is quite pocket-friendly and everything about Dopolgy promises to bring you a step closer to nature. To bring a change, all you need is a small step, that first step. And I’d suggest you take your first step with Dopolgy.

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