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Creative Writing Workshop by Juggernaut

Creative Writing

I had already missed two opportunities on creative writing workshops with Juggernaut. The first time I missed the workshop was because my daughter fell sick and second as I was traveling. But, finally I got the opportunity to avail the third one, and I grasped it.

This time all was perfect. Hubby agreed to scoop out time to manage kiddo and thankfully she was being quite playful for a few days. So, we were sorted.

But, how can things be this easy for me!

My daughter somehow got super cranky in the morning of the workshop (some timing she has huh) and super clingy to me.

I was at crossroads, again.

The mother couldn’t leave her child but the writer in me pushed me to attend the workshop. My husband proved a great mental support and motivated me to go. I’m glad I didn’t heed to the mother in me for once (although it was tough) and listened to the writer in me.

I soon reached the office of Juggernaut. It was such an amazing feeling. To just be there, among books all around, among some great people.

I must say what a workshop it was!

I have this preset notion in my mind that an author, new or veteran, might be high on attitude and pride. But, after a few interactions with some authors on Twitter, I started feeling that maybe, maybe this might not be the case with everyone.

And, when I met this lady, Debeshi Gooptu, I was left smiling wide. She is so humble, approachable, and most importantly patient. During our one-on-one session, she patiently listened to my not-so-good idea for a story and then explained (in detail) how can I commence writing my dream.

Debeshi Gooptu, the author of Gurgaon Diaries and many short stories on Juggernaut, made the workshop a learning experience in many ways than I could have imagined.

The workshop proved a treasure, especially for a newbie like me, who was there only to take in and hardly give anything. My fellow participants were experienced in their sectors too where one was even a contributor to womensweb. So, I was the only inexperienced person there. But, never once did I feel so.

Debeshi also provided us with working sheets to help us streamline our thinking process around our story to motivate us to get going, to give us that much-needed start.

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Creative Writing

Points from Debeshi to abide by in Creative Writing:

  • There is no rule in writing.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Pick something from around you. From the everyday lives.
  • There is no method in my writing. I just follow my heart.
  • A good story is always a mix of character and plot.
  • Research should be done for both fiction and non-fiction stories.
  • Never impose your point on the reader.
  • Start Writing and don’t look back until you’ve finished with your story.

The creative writing workshop imparted insights and nitty-gritty not just on writing but also on publishing and marketing one’s book.

It was such an enthralling workshop. Debeshi made us so comfortable that each of us put forward our deeply buried doubts on the table, without getting intimidated.

I cannot be thankful enough to Juggernaut and Debeshi for conducting the workshop. More to Debeshi who recently had a surgery and yet agreed to conduct the workshop to impart her wisdom to us.


P.S. Thanks again Juggernaut for the additional takeaway in the form of two great reads Padmavati by Anuja Chandramouli and City of Death by Abheek Barua. You made my day in many ways.

Creative Writing

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