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Hey Journal. I was waiting for the tasks to end so I can come to you. There is so much to tell you.

You know what, today was one of the happiest days in the last few days. Nothing unusual or extraordinary happened and that’s what’s the beauty of it. Isn’t it the small and everyday things and occurrences in our lives which count the most and make us feel valuable, feel loved, make us want to cherish life? 

It was the way Neel hugged me today which reminded me how much he loves me. Not always does a woman wants a materialistic world, most of the times she can be cheered up with just a little love, some respect, and a bit of appreciation.

Super easy to do and absolutely free! Isn’t it? 

Yet, why this sounds a task to men is out of my understanding. I give up (hands in the air).

Anyway, let’s get back to my moment.

It was amazing. I had a long day and was just waiting to retire and hit the bed. 

Neel surprisingly came home early today which was enough to cheer me up but there was a lot more stored for me. As they say- The best things come when you least expect them

Not only did Neel help me in the kitchen, he also played with Avni for a good length of time which unfortunately he isn’t able to considering his demanding work.

You know what, it’s really easy to make a woman happy (I’m neither kidding nor saying anything unachievable). You just lend a helping hand, like Neel did today, and she is happy. Neel simply laid the table and helped me clean up later. That’s more than I asked for or rather expected at all.

It’s always the small things that count. It’s always the intention that matters.

It was a beautiful sight to see the father-daughter bond. That’s my world, happy, loved, and contended.

I’ve captured it all in my heart. 

What happened next is difficult to express in words. It’s a moment to cherish and treasure. Engraved in my heart, forever.

I was making Avni get ready for bed when she cupped my face and said, “Mumma, you’re so cute. I love you so much”.

Gosh, Journal. I just melted at these words.

I mean no matter how much I long for those 5 mins of Me-Time each day, but oh this gesture, it made me forget everything. There was so much love and so many blessings in that moment. So much from my tiny bundle of joy.

God has definitely showered women with his choicest blessings in terms of motherhood. There is no responsibility as great as motherhood and dipped in love at the same time. 

When Avni said this, her tiny eyes looked like a sea of love, all for me, there was a promise that she trusts me, a belief in my upbringing, and that twinkle of playfulness.  

She is a part of me. No, she is every bit of me, but minus a few characteristics. My daughter will have everything I have and I don’t.

She will have all the love in the world to pamper her loved ones, yes. But at the same time…


She will be responsible but will not give in.

She will have aspirations but will not bury them.

She will have her opinion but will not be afraid of anyone to voice them.

I’m sure you will be there to see her become one. Won’t you, Journal.


It’s always the ordinary daily happenings which make our life beautiful. I read somewhere- Life is never perfect, so let’s fill it with perfect moments. That’s what we should do. Instead of adding more numbers and big achievements let’s enjoy and live in the moment.

Let’s spend as much time as we can with our family. Let’s play as much as we can with our kids. We can always earn, there will always be great opportunities coming our way if we deserve, but the time gone will never be back.

Let’s pledge to make our daughters strong from day 1. Instead of shushing them down, answer them. make them believe in themselves, their desires, their dreams. Support them. They are capable of making us feel proud not just while being a daughter-in-law for someone, but even by achieving the unthinkable.

Let’s give our daughters wings!

Written as a part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

8 Comments on “#CheeringMe #IAmShe

  1. Such a heartfelt writing. The beauty of every day is its simplicity and no complex emotions… loved reading it <3

  2. Every mom will have these dreams for her daughter. And I hope each one of us can play a part in making it true by raising strong resilient girls, maybe selfish too for they need to care for themselves. I agree with the part about Neel, its sometimes these little things which make the relationship special and which we often forget as the gap keeps increasing. Loved the positivity

  3. Loved it Rashi! Sometimes it feels so simple to make a woman happy and yet these are the things that they don’t get most of the times. That’s the irony of life. What looks like small to us women, feels like a task to men.

  4. Every family has its ups n downs but the connect with each other is what tides thru the rough times. And then you have lovey-Dovey days like theses that adds extra colour.

  5. such nice write up, beautiful simple day what else a woman needs to feel content a small gesture can make or break her day. Being with family is something which money cant buy and its lifetime memory to cherish.

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