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They Disobeyed To Break The Stereotypes #writebravely


Boys should be strong, they don’t cry. Men need to hide their sentiments, A man should not reveal his emotional front. They said! He disobeyed.   He cried in his mother’s lap when he fell and scratched his knee in school. He cried in front of his best friend when his girlfriend left him. He …


He Waited For Her #writebravely

He Waited For Her

Every day he saw her in the morning, brimming with energy, ready to begin the day breathing fresh air and then her walk.  Every day he waited for her to notice him. Every day he thought that this might be his day. And, every day she passed him as if he didn’t exist. But, today …


Life Before The Terminal #writebravely

The Terminal

L…I…F…E ! is a mystery which has a different map for each of us, and we have to decipher it to unveil the real treasure. The only reality of life is that it’s uncertain. And the fact, what we leave behind after crossing the terminal. A question which often crosses my mind is what exactly does …


Nostalgia Hit Her Often #writebravely

Made Her Nostalgic

The raindrops, The emanating petrichor from the plants, And, the smell of the pleasant and fresh breeze, Made her nostalgic.   That blue scarf she wore, Still smelled of her perfume, Despite being used after years today, Made her nostalgic   There were no colors in her life now She has accepted the truth. Has …