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Are you suffering from Acronym Fever?


Sorry guys! Didn’t post anything for a while. I was (actually still am) caught by a book-worm. Will post a blog soon on the same. Anyway, this piece is related to a recently read blog on Acronym. A decade back all the teenagers used to keep an eye on the best pocket-friendly SMS packs to …


Funny Recipe For Hummus

Hummus dip

Welcome drink- hard drinks as per choice Starters- McCain cheeseshots (will be fried), tandoori kebabs (will be ordered) Main course- Biryani, Domino’s (will be ordered) Dessert- chocolate pudding with vanilla ice-cream Dips for starters- cheese dip (to-be-made by hubby dear) and avocado dip and hummus (to-be-made by Shonali). “Hmm, the menu sounds great”, Shonali thought …