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Flash Fiction

What You Sow, So Shall You Reap #WoWe

“Hello son, would you come over today?”“I’ll see dad, have an important meeting today.”“I understand buddy.” “Happy Birthday, baby! Have made your favorite cake.”“Mom, my friends have planned a party tonight. I’ll drop by tomorrow.” “Why are you lying, Nishant?”, enquired Sanjeeda. ————————————————– “Happy birthday, honey! Here’s the latest tablet for you.”“Hey baby, sorry couldn’t …

Flash Fiction

The Remains #FridayFotoFiction

“Toona, look. What’s that?” “Looks like a box. Let’s check it out, Moona.”   “This might be an airplane. Remember, we read about it in The Great Bookah?” “Oh yeah, Toona. But, it looks suffocating. Complex. And, small.”   “But then humans were small beings a million years ago, isn’t it, Moona?” “Small and stupid …

Flash Fiction

It’s About Time! #FridayFotoFiction


Lena and Tamara have been fighting this fight for over three years. Alone. But, together. They met Sue through Lizzie, who was practicing law with Sue in the same firm, which Sue had joined six months back. And, today they saw a ray of hope. Samie and Nat also sailing in the same boat joined …