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Flash Fiction

The Rusted Key #WoWe

“Grace! Grace!Where are you, honey?” Each time the Longbottom family came to their ancestral island, Grace was found under the pole, staring at the rusted key hanging from it. She was told that her great-great-great-great-grandfather was a treasure hunter and this was the key to a treasure he couldn’t find and so he had hung …

Flash Fiction

My Prince Charming #WoWe

“Soon to-be-married huh!” Charmi’s friends had been teasing for her marriage which was in 15 days. Each time a friend said something color rose to Charmi’s face and she felt like hiding. She had dreamed of this day since she saw that movie. Dreamed of her Shah Rukh Khan who would be as romantic. Charmi’s …

Flash Fiction

What You Sow, So Shall You Reap #WoWe

“Hello son, would you come over today?”“I’ll see dad, have an important meeting today.”“I understand buddy.” “Happy Birthday, baby! Have made your favorite cake.”“Mom, my friends have planned a party tonight. I’ll drop by tomorrow.”“Why are you lying, Nishant?”, enquired Sanjeeda.————————————————– “Happy birthday, honey! Here’s the latest tablet for you.”“Hey baby, sorry couldn’t be there …