Breast Engorgement- 5 Ways to get relieved

Motherhood is one of the best and most cherished experiences not just for women but for the entire family. A baby’s coos, aahs, and crying fills the entire house. Every family member wants to cuddle the bundle of joy. The mother is handed a list of dos and don’ts by every visitor. Some of these come handy and some are simply cut off from the list. However, what no one ever mentions or hands down advice on is what to do when you suffer from breast engorgement.  

No one talks about engorged breasts. How to ease the excruciating pain from engorged breasts. How to sleep when the breasts feel heavy like stones. What to do when the breasts pain like hell just by touching them lightly.  Nothing. Shouldn’t a mother be prepared for this too? Maybe knowing about breast engorgement she can prevent it from happening?

Engorged breasts is a serious yet a less discussed topic in households. The dos and don’ts lists will not necessarily comprise an advice on breast engorgement.

What is Breast engorgement?

Breast engorgement happens when a mother is lactating more than the intake of the baby or if the baby is not able to consume enough milk for various reasons. The excess milk gets accumulated in ducts in the breasts making them rock hard. If not attended to right away, engorged breasts can lead to serious issues.

I had to bear the problem of engorged breasts in my both deliveries. Where in the first one it didn’t last long, after the second delivery my breasts had become so hard that I fell sick and had a temperature, which is neither good for a mother nor the baby.

Thinking of those two days still make me shudder. It was painful. Extremely painful. I am glad I knew these ways which helped me with engorged breasts. Do make a note of these if you an expectant mother, if not yet (All The Best) you may educate a friend. 

5 ways to get relieved from engorged breasts

  1. Make sure you are feeding your baby well. If the baby falls asleep while feeding, try waking him up and feed more. If the baby will feed well your

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