Blush- More Than Just Hue


That day, while returning from the gym I decided to sit in the park for some time. It was still early morning so not many people were up yet. I saw an elderly couple a little further to my bench doing their morning pranayama. Further away, was a girl in her late twenties (I might be wrong of course) doing yoga too. “Is she really wearing makeup? This early morning? Look at that blush on her face!” I wondered.

What caught my interest, however, was a small girl playing with a bucket, small shovel, and mud, which of course was a little unusual, as you come across such sights mostly on beaches. I looked around and couldn’t spot anyone who might be accompanying her, so I decided to walk up to her and engage a casual conversation.

“Hey”, I spoke while bending down to her level.

“Hello”, she looked up with an adorable smile.

I noticed that she was making a castle, which explained the small bucket and a shovel. She was completely engrossed in building her castle, her tiny hands working so lovingly and gently as if it was a baby and all she wanted was to pamper her child. Watching her creative hands at work was overwhelming. She was extremely careful with her every move ensuring not to hurt her creation even in the tiniest way.

“What is your name”, I couldn’t resist asking. Though I totally hated myself for disturbing her.

She was working on the crucial part of the castle, the dome; hence didn’t answer me immediately and took her time. Scooping some more mud from the bucket she added it to the top of the castle cautiously and gave near-to-perfect shape to the dome.

“I’m blush”, she said without looking at me. She replied to me only when she was totally satisfied with her work.

Blush! What a lovely name, I thought. Her gaze was on her castle. She looked around searching for something making me wonder what would it be. She smiled as her eyes fell on a small leaf at an arm’s distance from her. The girl bent over, picked up the leaf with her tiny fingers, and placed it on the dome to represent a flag.

She then took a pause to examine her creation very seriously for the one final time. After scrutinizing every feature of her creation minutely Blush smiled widely. Voila, it was ready! Her castle was ready. She was clapping hard and laughing loudly. Her happiness knew no bounds. 

All this while I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her aura and actions were truly captivating.

Her smile stretched from her lips up to her ears and I fell in love with this smile instantly. This morning was turning out to be the best I have had in my entire life.

It was an incredible sight. I am sure God reacted exactly like Blush when HE completed this beautiful girl. Click To Tweet

Her eyes were twinkling so brightly, you could see the entire universe in them with all the stars shining as brightly as they could. Her smile, as they say, was one which would make your day; would make people forget their problems and make them smile.

Clapping with her small hands, Blush filled the air with music. Her cheeks were glowing in pink hue as if straight out from the color palette. Her cheeks had the perfect blush, just like her name and her happiness was contagious. It was a beautiful sight indeed; I couldn’t take my eyes off her and she from her castle. Her world was here, her happiness was here, in the small muddy creation, which probably might not even last until noon.

I hadn’t laughed in awhile, I recalled. With Blush, I was smiling, laughing, and enjoying. The fact that made the moment truly innocent was that she was totally oblivious to have built something else along with the castle. Blush built in me a castle filled with immense happiness, a pot full of hope and a world full of love. I felt being alive.

Blush was so happy, so adorable, so full of life! She knew how to make people blush. Wait! Does this mean I was blushing? Nah.

Laughing with her, I felt like a child too. And I laughed so hard that I rolled over and experienced a sudden pain in my back.

I blinked hard for some time trying to understand what just happened. It was a few seconds later when I could see clearly, did I find myself gaping at the ceiling of my room. It took me some seconds to realize that I had fallen off from my bed.

Was I dreaming, I thought. It couldn’t be, it felt so real! Blush felt so real. I could still hear her laughing. Could it be time-travel? Did I go in the future?

It was hard to believe that it was nothing but a dream.

Rubbing my back I looked around to see that it was early morning. My grandmother used to say, “early morning dreams have the power to come true“, recalling her saying this made me smile. Don’t know what compelled me to look in the mirror beside my bed and I was absolutely surprised at what I saw.

I was blushing!

My cheeks had the perfect pink hue (which seemed quite bright against my black beard). My eyes were twinkling. And I was smiling! Blush was real!

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Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

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