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Beyond Secrets – Book Review

Beyond Secrets

Thank you so much WritersMelon to give me the book Beyond Secrets by Alka Saklani. I had not even in my dreams expected that I will be one of the 20 people to receive the ebook.  And I can’t be thankful enough to the author for penning down such a gripping story.

To be honest, from the title Beyond Secrets I thought it’s a murder mystery or a thriller novel. And I was completely taken by surprise by what the book holds within. It is a suspense novel, yes, but holds more than just one mystery.

The Plot

The story revolves mainly around three people, Noel, Appu, and Nidhi and Aashiyana, an orphanage. Noel, who is a counselor, volunteers in an orphanage in Vadodara against his parents’ wishes and risking his career. Appu is a chubby little boy in the orphanage unaware of the world outside while Nidhi is an engineering student who lies to her parents and also volunteers for Aashiyana in search of some unanswered questions and solace.

Noel is often haunted by a recurring dream and a feeling of deja vu at Aashiyana but isn’t able to comprehend if these visuals relate to a past life or his current. As Noel is a counselor he is a passionate, kind, and understanding being for everyone at the orphanage.

Nidhi, on the other hand, comes out as a cold-hearted person to everyone in the orphanage, including the children. She is deeply broken from the inside and is struggling with her past, the reason for her rude attitude.

Their lives are miles apart but destiny brings them under one roof, of Aashiyana. Who knew what was in store for them at an orphanage. Their lives changed here in ways they had neither anticipated nor wished. Each one has their share of secrets, buried inside, but about to surface. Each has been lied to. And each one is looking for answers.

How unintentionally Noel’s, Nidhi’s, and Appu’s life intertwine in Aashiyana and how their secrets are revealed and come face to face with reality is something you must read Beyond Secrets for.

My Take

I loved reading Beyond Secrets. This was my first ebook and I started it at night and finished it the next morning. The story is penned down amazingly well and not once did I feel disappointed and lost while reading. The book kept me engrossed right from the beginning. The story is written simply but through a powerful and engaging plot.

Beyond Secrets once again brought me closer to the reality of orphanages and orphans. How some children are unfortunate and unwanted. How sometimes it is easy for parents to give away their child and how at times the child is sent away owing to difficult circumstances. The picture of an orphanage is portrayed beautifully and packed with all the emotions. The story will make you feel fortunate and blessed to live a life which many only dream of and many don’t even know.

So many characters and each has their own share of secrets, quests, and unanswered questions. The author has gradually brought to light the secrets of every character. Also, the transition of revealing the hidden plots and connecting them is done extremely smoothly. It is not easy to rope in a number of characters in a story, each character walking on a thin line, and then weaving the story keeping in mind every minute detail. Alka Saklani has definitely done a great job at this. 

However, at some places, I did feel the description could have been better and that the connection to the previous scene was a bit choppy. The narrative at some places failed to create the visuals for me. Nevertheless, the curiosity of the what, why, how made me overlook these petty things and read on.

Beyond Secrets promises to keep the reader hooked until you’re done with it. Every chapter unfolds a new piece to the unfinished puzzle. At one place, you may feel that the author has revealed everything in the plot, but just then you are given a new piece of the puzzle to complete the picture. In the end, everything falls into place like magnets getting attracted to each other.

It is a quick read, yes, but a little heavy and perhaps a reality check and totally thought-provoking. Beyond Secrets has found a place in my Forever Books List. 

I can go on and on for Beyond Secrets, but I’m afraid I might spill the beans and the secret or rather secrets. So, I’d just say-

Do read the book if you are looking for a captivating and well-plotted suspense-oriented romantic story. 

About the Author

Beyond Secrets comes from the pen of Alka Saklani who is fascinated by the world of words. Her roots are from Uttarakhand but she has been born and brought up in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Alka Saklani holds an MBA degree in HR and before turning to a full-writer writer was working as a Corporate Recruiter. Having dealt in the Human Resources field and observed people closely there is no doubt that the characters in her books come out so lively and feel amongst us.

Alka Saklani’s debut novel 45 Days in a Cancer Hospital was longlisted for the prestigious Crossword Books award 2013. She has also published a number of poems in magazines.

I highly recommend Beyond Secrets. 

You can buy the book here

My Rating: 4 stars

I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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