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Beyond Secrets – A Book I Loved #ChatterPrompts


So, I have to write on ‘A book I loved’. This is an extremely difficult task for me. Being a voracious reader I am glad I manage to read a good number of books each year. Initially, I gave myself reading challenges but when for two consecutive years I couldn’t meet them, I decided to simply focused on reading books, irrespective of a number.

That’s where my heart is; somewhere in the many books, pumping words, breathing in the aroma of the pages and the ink. Just the thought of a book sends me in a trance, like a spell, making me slip deep in thoughts, like Alice In Wonderland.

It’s almost impossible for me to pull out one book I love. There are many books which have left a lasting impression on my mind, my heart, my imagination, and even my personality.

The Harry Potter series (who doesn’t love this), The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon, which I read in my adolescent years, Life Is What You Can Make It by Preeti Shenoy, Love Story by Erich Segal (yeah, we all love this one), Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith, and the list is long.

However, by the end of 2017 I read some amazing books- Every Time It Rains by Nikita Singh, Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag, Beyond Secrets by Alka Saklani and A Home For Urvashi by Sanchali Bhattacharya.

I loved every book in the above list for a very strong reason each, but, the one which probably will stay with me forever is Beyond Secrets by Alka Saklani for it left a lasting impression in a lot of ways than just her writing.

The story revolves around three protagonists, an orphanage, and the dark secrets each of them has or comes to terms with. The story brought me to the reality of orphans and orphanages. I have heard about these places and even had the opportunity to visit a few while studying in a convent school.

But, the way the emotions, struggles, relations, and adoption is written in the book made me feel blessed for every little thing I have in my life.

The story hit me hard as how easily we take our life, relations, opportunities, and even our parents for granted. Just the thought of a life without the shadow of my parents is unimaginable and to think of numerous children living without knowing even an ounce of parental love tears me.

If I say I could empathize with the orphan in the story, I won’t be doing justice to the ones in reality. We may feel their pain, may see their hardships, but I wonder if we may ever resonate with them.

The story also covers the dark side of adoption from the orphanages. If we cannot give these children a better future than what they already have, we have no right to use them for making money. My heart goes out to the children who are adopted given the hope of a beautiful life, full of love, pampering, and comfort. But, in reality, what these children get is a disabled body, forced to earn for the leader of the gang. Yes, it’s the bitter truth that beggars and alike, irrespective of the age are all part of gangs. 

Reading this book made me feel so small as a human. How low have we fallen, I wonder. Probably, this is our destiny, the destiny of the human race. To become monsters and gold diggers, burying their conscience deep, never to be found again.

I loved Beyond Secrets because it, once again, brought me back to the harsh reality I so easily overlook every day. I really hope we connect with everyone at the human level and not just materialistic. I hope we become a better race.

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Author: rashi mital

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4 Comments on “Beyond Secrets – A Book I Loved #ChatterPrompts

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. Personally i love all the books by Preeti Shenoy.. i have read the first three Harry Potter books in the series…
    other books you have mentioned, i have not read any of them yet..

    It’s really difficult to choose the best when it comes to books…

    1. Hey, Pratikshya. I have read only two books by Preeti Shenoy- Life is what you make it and It’s all in the planets, where I loved the former for every word (read it twice), certain places felt overwritten in the latter. I will soon buy A hundred little flames now. And I completely agree with you- for a bibliophile, it is next to impossible to pick one book he/she loved. Thanks much for dropping by. 🙂

    1. I second you, Alice. Books are definitely a great way to travel from the comfort of our couch. I love books like anything. They teach us so much and about just everything in life. M glad you liked the post. Hope you read it. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Alice 🙂

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