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Between The Pages and Other Short Stories – Book Review

Between The Pages and Other Short Stories

While going through my twitter feed I came across a tweet asking for book reviewers. December was already an extremely tied up month but I still went ahead with the book review. Why you ask. Because of the book title, I say. ‘Between The Pages and Other Short Stories’ got me thinking hard. The title, especially ‘Between The Pages’ says so many things that it connected with me instantly. The book is a collection of 10 short stories and a must pick for a quick read.

My Take

Between The Pages has 10 short stories where each story is on a different tangent and is penned down brilliantly. The characters are woven with the plot so beautifully that in a few stories I was left for wanting more. The best feature of this book is that the stories are relatively short and can be read while on a short trip or even when waiting for that friend who’s always late.

So if you are a bibliophile but grappling with time to read, Between The Pages comes to your rescue. This quick and refreshing collection of short stories has everything you can ask for in a book which would leave you thinking and wanting for more.

The narrative of the stories are written in simple language and are can be easily related to the reader. The diversity in stories this book brought left me satisfied and with a smile. Of the 10 stories, I fell in love with a few. The longing of a broken soul, coping up with constantly changing life, heartbreak, and memories that impact us are only a few of the many plots this book carries with it.

As for me, my most favorites are Suzanne Villa and The Original Animator. I will not talk anything about Suzanne Villa because this story one ought to read. The feelings of the protagonist feel so real that they push you to think about life, about memories, and about us being selfish.

I could have never guessed from the title and might have never imagined God the way he is portrayed in The Original Animator. This story made me marvel at the imaginative power of the author. She has done a brilliant job on this story. How God can perceive, use, and look at his immense power in a completely different way made the story the winner for me.

As I said the writing is simple and makes you sail through the pages. However, I felt some stories could have been written better or probably elaborated. I did at times, feel a disconnect in the stories.

Yet, I recommend Between The Pages: And Other Short Stories to all the book lovers who love short stories or are looking for quick reads. I assure you that this amazing collection of short stories will be there with you for some time like it is with me.

About the Author

Romila Chitturi started penning her thoughts since she was just 13 for herself, not knowing that this would become her destiny one day. She took up full-time blogging in 2004 and there has been no looking back.

After blogging for over a decade, Romila decided to give us more by becoming an author. The other titles she has penned down include My Writing Workshop, The Three Flowers – My Blooming Verses. Romila’s writing pushes the reader to think and reflect and I hope she continues to provide us with more thought-provoking and diverse stories in the future as well.

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My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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