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Before It’s Too Late #WoWe

Diya was proud of this green patch she had cultivated over the decades. It had all kinds of trees; fruit-bearing, for improving the air quality and some of the most beautiful flowers. Diya had taken immense pain and made enormous effort to make her village green and pollution-free.

30 years back she quit her high paying job and came to this village to do her bit for saving the environment.

She promised herself, the day she lost her father to lung cancer, that she would try her best to take and implement adequate steps to improve the air quality around her.

She didn’t care if no one heeds to this gigantic problem rising every day across the globe. Diya believed that it is her individual responsibility and duty to keep her planet safe. She cannot wait for each person to realize the need of the hour, before taking adequate measures to control the pollution around. For what if the human race is already on its dooms journey by the time they realized?

No! Earth is her planet and she should, would do everything to save it. Maybe her small rights can erase the big wrongs we have done until now?!

Word limit: 200


I hope each of us realizes the need and importance of trees to save our planet. Many of us are doing their bit. But, a larger change can only be expected and seen when each and every individual makes it their responsibility to save their planet.

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Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

4 Comments on “Before It’s Too Late #WoWe

    1. You are so right, Varsha. Why wait for the worst to happen. But, unfortunately, the human race doesn’t realize the importance of anything until the worst happens or is close to happening. But, yes why should our actions lead us to the worst situation at all. Thanks for reading and writing for #WoWe, Varsha.

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