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We all recently applauded, cheered, and felt proud of Manushi Chillar, for not just bringing the crown to the country after 17 years, but more for her winning answer which triggered a dormant debate, stealing hearts across the globe.

The question for Manushi- “Which profession deserves the highest salary and why?

Manushi’s answer – “Since I’m very close to my mother, I think a mother deserves the highest respect. And when you talk about salary I don’t think it’s just about cash but more about the love and respect you give to someone. My mom’s the biggest inspiration in my life. All mothers sacrifice so much for their kids. So, the profession which deserves the highest salary, the highest respect and love should be of a mother”.

Manushi Chillar

Manushi’s answer has hit everyone around the world and has hit hard. She has brought to surface a fact we all wish to overlook and ignore very conveniently.

Mothers, no doubt, are the most underappreciated and least regarded people in the world. We have always taken a mother for granted and is perceived as the sole person responsible to take care of the house, the family, kids, and all the related miscellaneous activities.

A  mother effortlessly manages each and everything in our lives because she knows there is no one to slip into her shoes. Why, I want to ask? Why don’t we proactively lend a helping hand, appreciate her, pamper her without occasions, respect her every day?

I thank Manushi for throwing a pebble in the quiet lake where the ripples might take time to die.

However, I disagree with Manushi in one place.

Motherhood is not a profession which could be compensated with a salary. Yes, she said salary doesn’t mean cash, but love, respect, and appreciation. Yet, I hold my stand. I’ll tell you why. Let’s get to the basics?

What is a profession?

A profession is basically a paid occupation, in other words, a service given in return for a fair and a definite compensation.

So, you tell me, can we really call motherhood a profession?

Regardless of the fact, that here we are talking about intangible payment/salary made in kind. Does it sound right to you?

I don’t feel right adding words like profession and salary to motherhood. Why? Because motherhood is a blessing, it is an integral part of every woman. Motherhood changes a woman and her life way beyond imagination and expectations, and for everything good, must I add.

Also, in a profession, you grow in position, make your mark, achieve material success. But, in motherhood there are no levels, one doesn’t strive to make a mark, and a mother’s success lies in her children’s upbringing and success. Once a mother always a mother, no matter how old her child is.

So, I do not agree with Manushi Chillar, coz Motherhood isn’t a profession for me.

Manushi Chillar

Should a Mother given salary?

Manushi says a mother deserves the highest salary, of course, not in cash (yes, I’m mentioning this again and again), but in kind (can we ever calculate the right and deserving salary for a mother? Not to forget some people did come up with a figure). A mother should be given the highest respect, pampered with love and affection, and appreciated for every little thing she does for us.

But, again, the word salary is itching in my ear. Though, I completely agree with Manushi here that we all must, always, everyday respect and love our mother, calling it as salary doesn’t really sound respectful.

Salary is a compensation for the service provided and is a measurable and tangible asset. Can we really, ever, compensate our mother’s love, sacrifice, devotion, efforts she puts in for us? Just by saying the word ‘salary’ aren’t we unconsciously trying to measure her love and affection for us?

But, I want to add that I’m really grateful to Manushi for bringing this buried debate on the surface. Her answer darts at the fact that mothers are Not given due respect and are mostly taken for granted.

In fact, I want to ask why don’t we give our mother the same amount of pampering, love, and importance every day as we give on mother’s day? Is it the only day in the year when our mother deserves extra attention and importance. Shouldn’t she be thanked for whatever she does for us every day? Can’t we every day help her with her daily chores? Shouldn’t we treat her every now and then to make her feel wanted and treasured? Help her in folding clothes and see how happy she gets.

Manushi Chillar

So let’s promise ourselves that from today itself we will every day spend some time with our mom, help her in the daily household chores, make her feel wanted and loved. Yes, sometimes showing is believing. This is how we can reciprocate to her efforts.

And let’s teach our kids the same. No matter how busy they get in life (which they are sure to, thanks to social media and technology) they will always, always make out time for their mother often and not once in a blue moon.

A mother to a 2.5 yo daughter and another on the way, I do not want motherhood to be called as a profession or compensated with a salary. Yes, Yes, I know that salary means in kind, but still, it just doesn’t sound right. Not to me!

Do you agree with me? Do share your thoughts.

Manushi Chillar

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Author: rashi mital

A mother and a travel enthusiast, I love speed and am proud of my driving skills. In my free time I love reading, writing, and sometimes doing nothing. I try to live every moment and believe in living young despite the age.

5 Comments on “A Mother Deserves The Highest Salary- Manushi Chillar #MondayMommyMoments

  1. I agree you for every word in this article. Motherhood is far beyond the definition of the profession and can never ever be compensated in terms of salary.

    Love, care and blessings that we get from a mother is a divine loan which one can not pay in one’s life time. All one can do is be equally loving and caring towards her and to one’s next generation.

    1. Absolutely true, Anagha. No one can ever repay what a mother bestows on her child because it is completely unconditional and selfless. No other person can stand near to a mother in terms of selflessness. I really hope the coming generation gives due regard and most importantly time, to their mother. 🙂 Thanks much for dropping by, Anagha. You always give me power 🙂

  2. I am completly with you that we can’t completely compensate for what a mother does for kids & family. And yes we should try to give her respect and love that she deserves for doing the most exhausting job of this world.

    1. True, Shipra. A mother’s job is the most exhausting, most demanding, and totally selfless. The least a child can give their mother in return is some extra love and time, esp in current scenario when we are so busy in our lives. Thanks much for dropping by 🙂

  3. I believe she used the words lightly, and not in the truest sense of the terms, so as far as her speech is concerned, I took the sentiment, and ignored the technicality. However, I agree with you that motherhood (or parenting for that matter) is not a profession, but a lifetime commitment to unconditionally love, care for, and cherish your kids.

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