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The Temple Bar Woman by Sujata Parashar – Book Review

The Temple Bar Woman

This is the second book sent by Writersmelon and I am so grateful, again. In fact, before I go ahead, I’d apologize for posting this review so late. I had a baby and so couldn’t do the needful within the given time frame. But, it’s better done than said. So, here I am with an …


Breast Engorgement- 5 Ways to get relieved

Motherhood is one of the best and most cherished experiences not just for women but for the entire family. A baby’s coos, aahs, and crying fills the entire house. Every family member wants to cuddle the bundle of joy. The mother is handed a list of dos and don’ts by every visitor. Some of these …


Why Should You Sign Up For #MyFriendAlexa


Blogosphere had come a long way from when I first started blogging in 2010. Then people hardly knew about it, today nearly every other person is a blogger. I felt lost after joining the blogosphere again in 2017, there was so much to catch up, so much unknown. I came to know about blogging campaigns …


Happiness Is Everywhere. Just Look Around


HAPPINESS!   We all work day and night just for this one thing. Happiness. Some find happiness in power, some in wealth, and some in everyday things, like me. Happiness can be found anywhere. Actually No. We need not find happiness, we just have to think about happy things.   Happiness is a state of …