Golden Chance to Buy Your Own House With TATA Value Homes

TATA Value Homes

India’s First Real Estate Flash Sale is Back with the #OfferOfTheCentury TATA Housing Development Company launched a subsidiary TATA Value Homes in 2010 with the objective of providing affordable housing to the aspiring home buyers. In November 2017, Tata Value Homes conducted India’s first-ever online booking by launching ‘99 hours flash sale’ from November 2nd …


5 Doable And Proven Parenting Practices

parenting practices

I often meet parents who take pride in their child’s ability to operate mobiles and similar devices at an early age. The younger the child, the higher the pride. And, I can’t help but feel sorry for them, because rather than making effort themselves to entertain their children, such parents tread the way of technology. Don’t …

Flash Fiction

Is Respect Everything? #FridayFotoFiction

Two years back, Shalini couldn’t have thought of even entering these stores, let alone buying from here. Though Mohit was her client, they soon developed a bond. He respected her and her profession, unlike others she’d met so far. She was extremely beautiful, representing a lotus. The reason people were attracted to her in the …


Why Do I Have To Choose Between Baby and Career #MothersWhoWork

working mothers

I became a mom 2.5 years back but gave up my career the very next day my pregnancy got confirmed. I so wanted to work despite my pregnancy, to discover the strength in me, and then to be a working mother. Sigh! I wasn’t prepared for this new phase and hence whatever was happening was …


From being skeptical to Investing in Tata Value Homes

Tata Value Homes

I have been staying in rented flats post marriage and in these six years have changed five flats across four cities. Each time I move I leave behind some unwanted things, some broken stuff, and some memories. And every time one thought crosses my mind- I wish I had my own house. But, new opportunities …

Flash Fiction

The Delivery #FridayFotoFiction


Was he responsible? He didn’t sign up for this. Or did he? Knowingly? Many such questions were swarming his head while he read the newspaper. Was he the reason? Hungry and with just the pair of clothes he was wearing, he was found lying on the footpath. In bargain of ample of food and much better …