Flash Fiction

Cursed or Blessed #FridayFotoFiction


For first two months, Iona got excited about being pregnant. But this was the fifth month with no periods and she thought to consult a doctor. Sam would be home soon with her reports. The moment Sam came home, Iona hugged him hard. “So?”, she enquired. “So….”, Said Sam and made Iona sit beside him on …


5 Things About Motherhood I Wasn’t Told #MondayMommyMoments


The fact that giving birth is nothing less than a miracle, is proven and believed. But, I would say bringing up a child keeping your sanity intact is also a miracle. Of all the things I was told numerous times about motherhood, there were five things no one ever told me about: I will find …


Golden Chance to Buy Your Own House With TATA Value Homes

TATA Value Homes

India’s First Real Estate Flash Sale is Back with the #OfferOfTheCentury TATA Housing Development Company launched a subsidiary TATA Value Homes in 2010 with the objective of providing affordable housing to the aspiring home buyers. In November 2017, Tata Value Homes conducted India’s first-ever online booking by launching ‘99 hours flash sale’ from November 2nd …


5 Doable And Proven Parenting Practices

parenting practices

I often meet parents who take pride in their child’s ability to operate mobiles and similar devices at an early age. The younger the child, the higher the pride. And, I can’t help but feel sorry for them, because rather than making effort themselves to entertain their children, such parents tread the way of technology. Don’t …

Flash Fiction

Is Respect Everything? #FridayFotoFiction

Two years back, Shalini couldn’t have thought of even entering these stores, let alone buying from here. Though Mohit was her client, they soon developed a bond. He respected her and her profession, unlike others she’d met so far. She was extremely beautiful, representing a lotus. The reason people were attracted to her in the …


Why Do I Have To Choose Between Baby and Career #MothersWhoWork

working mothers

I became a mom 2.5 years back but gave up my career the very next day my pregnancy got confirmed. I so wanted to work despite my pregnancy, to discover the strength in me, and then to be a working mother. Sigh! I wasn’t prepared for this new phase and hence whatever was happening was …