Funny Recipe For Hummus

Hummus dip

Welcome drink- hard drinks as per choice Starters- McCain cheeseshots (will be fried), tandoori kebabs (will be ordered) Main course- Biryani, Domino’s (will be ordered) Dessert- chocolate pudding with vanilla ice-cream Dips for starters- cheese dip (to-be-made by hubby dear) and avocado dip and hummus (to-be-made by Shonali). “Hmm, the menu sounds great”, Shonali thought …


पापा मैं छोटी से बड़ी हो गयी क्यों

Papa mein choti se badi ho gayi kyun

कल ही तो सीखा था आपके आँगन मैं चलना मैंने, अभी कल ही तो सीखा था बोलना मैंने, जब आपजे हांथों मैं छुप जाते थे मेरे छोटे से दोनों हाँथ। आज जा रहीं हूँ एक नए आँगन को सजाने, आज अपने हांथों की मेहँदी से, जा रहीं हूँ एक नए घर को महकाने। आज लगता …


GUZAARISH… The Unseen Aspect


Don’t know why, but with some reason, I seem to like the movie Guzaarish. But surprisingly not able to figure out the exact reason for liking it. When I come to think of the various factors for its incredibility, am still perplexed… The star-cast is amazing, the music is captivating and heart drowning, the direction …