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All the light we cannot see (Anthony Doerr) – Book Review

All The Light We Cannot See Book Review

“All the Light we cannot see“ by Anthony Doerr – set in World War II era and the aftermath of the war is an excellent work of historical fiction.  Storyline The story revolves around *Marie Laure* – a French blind girl and *Werner Pfennig* – an orphan German boy and how their paths are set to …

Flash Fiction

The White Light #FridayFotoFiction

Lying on the death bed. He thought. “Can someone please switch off this light. Its blinding. Wait. But my eyes are closed. Am I dreaming? Oh goodness. Am I dead? Gosh. So, Is this the white light everyone talks about, which you see in the afterlife? But, why is there a glass staircase? And who …

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Kay Sera Sera! #FridayFotoFiction


“Kay. Sera Sera. What will be. Will be.” She loved this tune and hummed throughout her pregnancy. She even bought a toy for the crib which played the same tune. That day too, Neela was humming this tune while holding her stillborn child. She has been an optimist her entire life and so when God …

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Cursed or Blessed #FridayFotoFiction


For first two months, Iona got excited about being pregnant. But this was the fifth month with no periods and she thought to consult a doctor. Sam would be home soon with her reports. The moment Sam came home, Iona hugged him hard. “So?”, she enquired. “So….”, Said Sam and made Iona sit beside him on …


5 Things About Motherhood I Wasn’t Told #MondayMommyMoments


The fact that giving birth is nothing less than a miracle, is proven and believed. But, I would say bringing up a child keeping your sanity intact is also a miracle. Of all the things I was told numerous times about motherhood, there were five things no one ever told me about: I will find …


Golden Chance to Buy Your Own House With TATA Value Homes

TATA Value Homes

India’s First Real Estate Flash Sale is Back with the #OfferOfTheCentury TATA Housing Development Company launched a subsidiary TATA Value Homes in 2010 with the objective of providing affordable housing to the aspiring home buyers. In November 2017, Tata Value Homes conducted India’s first-ever online booking by launching ‘99 hours flash sale’ from November 2nd …