Why Padmaavat Was Painted Red? #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa


Padmaavat… One of the most talked movies recently. I haven’t seen the movie yet but the recent events and the hullabaloo have compelled me to do a post on it. Well, I am not here to talk either about the much talked fictional person, Padmavati or the movie which was painted red for every reason, …

Social Media

How to Use Shareaholic Social Media Plugin For WordPress

One of the crucial features of blogging is the sharing of the posts on the various social media channels. There are umpteen numbers of plugin for social media each having its own features and perks and hence it becomes extremely difficult to find a decent social media plugin for your blog on WordPress or any …

Flash Fiction

The Remains #FridayFotoFiction

“Toona, look. What’s that?” “Looks like a box. Let’s check it out, Moona.”   “This might be an airplane. Remember, we read about it in The Great Bookah?” “Oh yeah, Toona. But, it looks suffocating. Complex. And, small.”   “But then humans were small beings a million years ago, isn’t it, Moona?” “Small and stupid …


A Gift I’d Give Myself #ChatterPrompts


I am sailing into multiple boats currently, so the question for this week’s #ChatterPrompts by Blogchatter, i.e. A gift I’d give myself can sway between many choices. Dedicated time for reading, some Me Time every day, a vacation, the sense for better time management or sleeping soundly for a good number of hours are only …

event review

Creative Writing Workshop by Juggernaut

Creative Writing

I had already missed two opportunities on creative writing workshops with Juggernaut. The first time I missed the workshop was because my daughter fell sick and second as I was traveling. But, finally I got the opportunity to avail the third one, and I grasped it. This time all was perfect. Hubby agreed to scoop …