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Beyond Secrets – A Book I Loved #ChatterPrompts


So, I have to write on ‘A book I loved’. This is an extremely difficult task for me. Being a voracious reader I am glad I manage to read a good number of books each year. Initially, I gave myself reading challenges but when for two consecutive years I couldn’t meet them, I decided to …


Give Her Wings On This National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day fills me with immense hope that more number of people are being aware of the fact that a daughter is not a liability, that whether one has a son or a daughter it doesn’t make a difference, and that it is a crime to kill a child in the womb, or …


Was She Lucky? #FridayFotoFiction


“You are so lucky. So many people at your beck and call, to do anything you wish for.” Gleamed Nitara. Nitara was the closest companion to the Princess of the Singhal Kingdom, Padmavati or Rani Padmini as she was dearly called. Padmini who will be 16 years in a few months, was unmoved by the …

Book Reviews

A Home For Urvashi – Book Review

A Home For Urvashi

A Home For Urvashi is my second book for review sent by Writersmelon. I am so very glad that I am one of the book reviewers for Writersmelon. My first book was Beyond Secrets which I still haven’t forgotten even after three months. You can read my review here. Coming to A Home For Urvashi, …

Flash Fiction

It’s About Time! #FridayFotoFiction


Lena and Tamara have been fighting this fight for over three years. Alone. But, together. They met Sue through Lizzie, who was practicing law with Sue in the same firm, which Sue had joined six months back. And, today they saw a ray of hope. Samie and Nat also sailing in the same boat joined …