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Why Do I Have To Choose Between Baby and Career #MothersWhoWork

working mothers

I became a mom 2.5 years back but gave up my career the very next day my pregnancy got confirmed. I so wanted to work despite my pregnancy, to discover the strength in me, and then to be a working mother. Sigh! I wasn’t prepared for this new phase and hence whatever was happening was …


Life Before The Terminal #writebravely

The Terminal

L…I…F…E ! is a mystery which has a different map for each of us, and we have to decipher it to unveil the real treasure. The only reality of life is that it’s uncertain. And the fact, what we leave behind after crossing the terminal. A question which often crosses my mind is what exactly does …


It’s All In The Planets. Is It?

it's all in the planets

In my previous blog I had mentioned about a book-worm which bit me badly; and so, I was caught up reading an amazing book by Preeti Shenoy, ‘It’s All In The Planets’. My mind was bursting with numerous contradictory questions after reading this book, and one of them was, how true is the phrase ‘It’s …