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The Fire Inside Him #FridayFotoFiction

Addiction for alcohol

His liver had been in a miserable condition and had almost given up, not able to hold with his addiction for alcohol. He was advised to give up drinking if he wished to live. He had been a teetotaler for six months now and was extremely happy. More for she finally said yes to him. And …

Flash Fiction

Love Found It’s Way #FridayFotoFiction

Love Found It's Way

Wondering why Ravina didn’t come to work today, Shane headed for his meeting. ‘Welcome to the Society of Trans‘ Shane was a regular here and while greeting people he spotted someone in a corner. Ravina?! He definitely didn’t expect to see her, here. Ravina was enjoying her first time, here. But her cheeks lost color when …

Flash Fiction

It’s Not For Girls #FridayFotoFiction

“Are you mad! How many times have I told you, this game is not for girls.” Sheena’s mother shouted on her while dragging her inside from the mini cricket field set in the park across their house. The honking from the passing car brought Shane back from his reverie. With a deep breath and a …