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Just Another Day by Piyusha Vir- Book Review

Just Another Day

Just Another Day was on my To-Be-Read list since it’s release but somehow didn’t pick it owing to the current books at hand. However, when I met Piyusha at the Women Writer’s Fest, I had to pick it up asap. And that’s what I did. The very next day this book was in my Kindle …


A Promise To My Baby With Instacuppa #SuperBloggerChallenge2018


I love drinking water and am quite particular about the intake on a daily basis. I was very cautious of my water intake in my first pregnancy even during the winters. And here when I’m on the same road after three years it’s time to be extra cautious, again. My MIL started consuming infused/ flavored …

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My Experience from Women Writer’s Fest- Part 1

Women Writer's Fest

I had been waiting for Women Writer’s Fest to happen anywhere in NCR since I came to know about it on Twitter and later when I read a blog post on it. The vibes which I got from just reading about the event were enough to pull me towards it. Plus, it is conducted by …

Book Reviews

Rani Padmavati – Book Review #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Rani Padmavati

To be honest, I had no clue about Rani Padmavati until Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat, the much-talked movie released. I might have sometime heard about this name, but I’m not sure of it too. So, of course, after the tzimmes on the movie, I read about this woman and I till date don’t understand why …


The Place Where Happiness Dwells

Where Happiness Dwells

Smile, Happiness, and Laughter, these three words urge me to think, does anyone know where to find them? Can I find the place where happiness dwells? Is it something difficult to find now, just like our values and ethics? Really? Is finding the happiness that difficult? Let’s read a very short story before we get to …