A Mother Deserves The Highest Salary- Manushi Chillar #MondayMommyMoments

We all recently applauded, cheered, and felt proud of Manushi Chillar, for not just bringing the crown to the country after 17 years, but more for her winning answer which triggered a dormant debate, stealing hearts across the globe. The question for Manushi- “Which profession deserves the highest salary and why?” Manushi’s answer – “Since …

Book Reviews

Between The Pages and Other Short Stories – Book Review

Between The Pages and Other Short Stories

While going through my twitter feed I came across a tweet asking for book reviewers. December was already an extremely tied up month but I still went ahead with the book review. Why you ask. Because of the book title, I say. ‘Between The Pages and Other Short Stories’ got me thinking hard. The title, …


A Golden Temple in Karnataka

Did you know there is a Golden Temple in Karnataka, near Coorg? And no it’s not affiliated in any way to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. In fact, it’s not a Sikh place of worship. Confused? So was I when I first heard of it. The Golden temple is the name bequeathed to the Namdroling …


“My Husband Should Know Cooking” #LiveItEqual


This is my second post for #BlogchatterProjects and I’m glad I could finally write it. The last week was packed with unexpected circumstances and just couldn’t scoop out time to blog for the this month’s campaign by Blogchatter. However, the last week gave me ample of time to think and contemplate about this post. How …


Marriage Education- Is it only for girls #LiveItEqual


New to this world, was grappling to understand the tactics of blogging when I came across Blogchatter. And to be honest, this was the best thing to happen to LiveItYoung when it had just started it’s blogging journey. I entered into #MyFriendAlexa campaign through Blogchatter without thinking at all, only to win it at the end …